Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Hello hello from yet another crew lounge.  This time I'm at JFK in our fancy new lounge which is approximately 800 miles from the security checkpoint.  Which is not so bad, I suppose, if you're looking to stretch your legs.  But when walking in heels, it gets a bit ridiculous to walk for 10 minutes just to check in for my flight.  Especially if I have to turn around and walk all the way back to where I started to actually work my flight.  I don't think that will be a problem today, but I've been seeing a lot more JFK on my schedule because ladies don't like walking that far in heels.

Tonight I'm flying to San Francisco.  I'm excited because I get a 24 hour layover, but I'm a little unsure because I'm the flight lead doing a service I've never done before on an aircraft I haven't seen in at least six months but possibly longer.  I'm hoping that my crew is nice and that they'll put up with me while I get my bearings.  I have a bunch of resource materials that I printed that are supposed to walk me through, so I think I'll be okay.

I'm looking forward to going for a long run in San Francisco.  The weather should be perfect, 64 & overcast.  I've been recommitting myself to some of my workout goals that I've previously set for myself and have been focusing a little more on strength training and less on distance running.  That might prove problematic if I ever actually sign up for that marathon I put on my 30-Before-30 list!  I've also started tracking my food again, because I want to lose the weight I've gained & I know this is the only thing that works for me.  These first few days back on track are the hardest because I'd been previously giving myself a LOT of leeway and now I'm realizing just how out of hand my eating had become.  So here's to getting that back under control.  It certainly doesn't help that there is a Shake Shack here in JFK, right outside the elevator down to Inflight and EVERYONE around me is eating delicious-smelling burgers and fries.  But one of my New Year's Resolutions was to Make Good Choices and even though it smells amazing and would surely taste just as awesome, eating Shake Shack is not going to get me any closer to my goals.  Not a good choice.  Sigh.

On the topic of 30-Before-30 & making good choices, I finally downloaded the first five novels on the list of 25 novels I wanted to read.  I have 3 months to read all 25 and considering how fast I generally read, this shouldn't be a problem, but I started Ulysses by James Joyce and I'm finding it hard to get into.  But I've put a ban for the rest of the month on the smutty romance novels I've been reading these last few months.  So I'm hoping that not having the distraction of an easy read will push me toward the more difficult read.  Has anyone else ever read Ulysses?  Any thoughts?  I'm only on page 30 of 678, so I think I need to give it more time.

The next book on the list is The Great Gatsby, which I had forgotten was even on the list and I was planning to re-read it anyway after having watched the new movie.  After that is another James Joyce, this time Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man.  That one might be a muddle-through if I don't get into Joyce's writing style.  Then it's Lolita, which is another re-read  and the last of the top five is Brave New World, another re-read.  So in summary, I'm very much looking forward to all my re-reads and not necessarily to the James Joyce.  But I'll get through them!

I still have an hour & a half before my sign in for this 6 1/2 hour flight, so I think it might be time to search out some more coffee.