Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good things can come from cleaning out one's closet.  This is another dress I forgot I had.  It's seasonally inappropriate, but that's what tights & cardigans are for, no?  I can never decide if this dress is too short or if it is JUST long enough.  It definitely looks long enough with the black tights underneath.  And of course, my boots.  I swear I have other shoes.  I'm just limited during winter b/c it would be silly to walk through snow & slush in high heels or ballet flats.  So, until the weather cooperates, you'll be seeing a lot more of these boots.  They're sturdy, comfortable, weather-resistant and cute.  So there.

Tank top dress from Macy's
Gray cardigan from Target
Black Tights from Target
Gray boots from Madden Girl

p.s. please excuse all the clutter around my feet.  I'm still in the process of shredding documents.

Friday, February 25, 2011

So what was I saying about breaking out of my style rut? I think this might qualify. Yes, you've seen this top before. Yes, you've seen these boots before. But, you haven't seen the tank dress I'm wearing UNDER this top & you haven't seen these tights. I liked the combination & general look of the outfit.

Feather blouse from Forever 21
Black tank top dress from American Apparel
Turquoise tights from Marshall's
Boots from Madden Girl

The other big news is that I did a closet clean out yesterday. I pulled 126 items out of my closet that I decided I no longer needed. I put them into 5 trashbags that are currently in my living room. I had to get them out of my room. But seriously, people. FIVE trashbags full of clothes. My first reaction was the call up any charity that would do a pick-up and get rid of them. Now, I'm considering taking them to a consignment store first. I paid good money for them, I should at least try to get some money out of them.

The cleanout was over half my closet. This tank dress was one of the things I found that I'd forgotten about. It's a good layering piece. I feel good about this outfit, even if I only wore it for about two hours to go to Target.

Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have two outfits for you today. I thought I would have time to post yesterday's outfit while I sat airport reserve, but they called me out for a flight before I could even check in for my shift. For those of you not in the know, airport reserve (or On-Premise Reserve or OPR) is when I have to go sit at the airport for 6 hours, in case they need me. Generally when I'm on call, I just have to be within 100 miles of the airport and able to get to the airport in 2 hours. But on OPR days, I have to be physically at the airport. When they don't use me, it gives me time to catch up on Netflix. Incidentally enough, it was thanks to OPR that I even put on an outfit and left the house yesterday.

I watched a few episodes of that Hoarders show and was appalled and a bit ashamed b/c I recognized some of my own habits (albeit on a smaller scale) in those people. Namely, a paper grocery sack full of credit card statements, bank statements, and anything else with my personal info on it. I've had this sack for 3 years, but some of the papers in there are way older than that. I've kept it all, intending to eventually shred it. Well, yesterday I bought myself a shredder. And this is what I wore to Target.

Green sweater from Target
Jimi Hendrix tshirt from aaaaages ago
Black jeggings (some random brand)
The SAME Madden Girl boots

I wasn't totally sold on this outfit when I left the house. And by the time I got to Target, I was cranky & sweaty from wearing my winter coat through the skyway. Also, I'm not all together sold on my haircut. Yesterday I was really upset about my bangs and I kept thinking about how much I hated them. Today, they are growing on me. Maybe.

And, basically, I wore the same outfit today. This is my uniform. Cardigan, tshirt, skinny jeans & boots. I was feeling punchy today, so I added a scarf. I will get out of the style rut. I will get out of this style rut. I will get out of this style rut.

Gray Cardigan from H&M
Blue BDG tshirt from Urban Outfitters
Express jeans
Madden Girl boots

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I left the house again today, which means I put together an outfit. It sounds a little sad to put it that way, but sometimes when I'm not on a trip, I don't leave my apartment. Either I have too much to do around the house or I just don't feel like putting together an outfit, which is a prerequisite for being seen in public. I made a hair appointment today and stopped at The Gap on my walk home to peruse the sale rack, but mostly just to get a shot of my outfit in a full-length mirror.

Blouse from Forever 21
Jeans from Express (like 5 years ago, yikes)
Madden Girl boots (again)

Oh yeah, that haircut. Notice anything different? Maybe this will help.

The straight across bangs are back! I swing back & forth between straight across & side-swoopy bangs every year. I was getting sick of the side-swoopy, so I made the decision to go back to the straight across. For your information, these are apparently technical terms, b/c everyone at the Aveda Institute referred to them by these terms.

Speaking of the Aveda. I'm a loyal Aveda Institute customer. I've been going there for about 3 years now and while I've definitely walked out with a few lackluster haircuts, I've never had a disaster & I got the best haircut EVER there once. For $15, they give you a scalp, neck & shoulder massage, wash & condition your hair with Aveda products, do the cut, use more Aveda products & dry your hair. For $15. People, this is awesome. If you live in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, you NEED to check them out. You owe it to yourself.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Oh hello there. It's been a while, whoops. But! I have a sexy new digital camera and I'm planning to put it to good use taking daily outfit pics (well, at least on days when I actually wear an outfit). So let's just get that started, shall we?

It's maybe not the best shot, but the mirror in the fitting room at Forever 21 was the only full-length mirror I encountered today. Starting from the top:

Sweet Perry Ellis blazer I found at Saver's
Gray v-neck tee from Forever 21
Ruffled tier skirt from the Gap (bought on super sale!) Better picture here:
Black tights from Target
Gray Madden Girl Zoiiee boots (thanks Mom!)
And I can't forget my "It Doesn't Matter Baby" necklace from the Mister.