Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have two outfits for you today. I thought I would have time to post yesterday's outfit while I sat airport reserve, but they called me out for a flight before I could even check in for my shift. For those of you not in the know, airport reserve (or On-Premise Reserve or OPR) is when I have to go sit at the airport for 6 hours, in case they need me. Generally when I'm on call, I just have to be within 100 miles of the airport and able to get to the airport in 2 hours. But on OPR days, I have to be physically at the airport. When they don't use me, it gives me time to catch up on Netflix. Incidentally enough, it was thanks to OPR that I even put on an outfit and left the house yesterday.

I watched a few episodes of that Hoarders show and was appalled and a bit ashamed b/c I recognized some of my own habits (albeit on a smaller scale) in those people. Namely, a paper grocery sack full of credit card statements, bank statements, and anything else with my personal info on it. I've had this sack for 3 years, but some of the papers in there are way older than that. I've kept it all, intending to eventually shred it. Well, yesterday I bought myself a shredder. And this is what I wore to Target.

Green sweater from Target
Jimi Hendrix tshirt from aaaaages ago
Black jeggings (some random brand)
The SAME Madden Girl boots

I wasn't totally sold on this outfit when I left the house. And by the time I got to Target, I was cranky & sweaty from wearing my winter coat through the skyway. Also, I'm not all together sold on my haircut. Yesterday I was really upset about my bangs and I kept thinking about how much I hated them. Today, they are growing on me. Maybe.

And, basically, I wore the same outfit today. This is my uniform. Cardigan, tshirt, skinny jeans & boots. I was feeling punchy today, so I added a scarf. I will get out of the style rut. I will get out of this style rut. I will get out of this style rut.

Gray Cardigan from H&M
Blue BDG tshirt from Urban Outfitters
Express jeans
Madden Girl boots

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