Friday, February 25, 2011

So what was I saying about breaking out of my style rut? I think this might qualify. Yes, you've seen this top before. Yes, you've seen these boots before. But, you haven't seen the tank dress I'm wearing UNDER this top & you haven't seen these tights. I liked the combination & general look of the outfit.

Feather blouse from Forever 21
Black tank top dress from American Apparel
Turquoise tights from Marshall's
Boots from Madden Girl

The other big news is that I did a closet clean out yesterday. I pulled 126 items out of my closet that I decided I no longer needed. I put them into 5 trashbags that are currently in my living room. I had to get them out of my room. But seriously, people. FIVE trashbags full of clothes. My first reaction was the call up any charity that would do a pick-up and get rid of them. Now, I'm considering taking them to a consignment store first. I paid good money for them, I should at least try to get some money out of them.

The cleanout was over half my closet. This tank dress was one of the things I found that I'd forgotten about. It's a good layering piece. I feel good about this outfit, even if I only wore it for about two hours to go to Target.

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