Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Falling off the face of the Earth...

Hi there!  I have not, in fact, fallen off the face of the Earth.  But I haven't been putting together very many outfits in recent days.  I've been on call and sometimes I use that as an excuse not to get dressed and leave the house.  And I've been on call for the last three days and I haven't gone anywhere.  I was particularly bummed yesterday because though it started as a rather crummy-looking day, it apparently warmed up to 80 degrees.  And I had JUST been bitching about being ready for summer weather to the Mister.  And then I missed it because I watched too many episodes of Hoarders instead.

But!  Today is a lovely 70 degrees and I decided to take my shorts out for a test drive and, well, I just don't know.  The expression on my face in these pictures kind of cracks me up, because I was so over these shorts by the time I got to the Gap.  My biggest complaint about shorts has ALWAYS been that they ride up in the crotch.  And even now, even 50 pounds lighter, even with thighs that don't touch nearly as much as they used to, my shorts are still riding up into my crotch and that's awful awful awful.  I felt super self-conscious of it the whole time I was out.  It didn't help that people kept looking at my legs because I was convinced they were looking at my upper thighs, where the shorts were starting to bunch.  The problem with these shorts is probably that they are a size or two too big for me.  And maybe they're too short.  I can't decide.  As the day wore on, I guess I got used to them.  Then in Marshalls, a girl told me, "Hey, I like your legs" and that made me feel a little better.  But I'm still on the fence as far as shorts go.

Straw fedora & Floral cardigan - H&M; White v-neck tee - NextLevel via Amazon.com; Navy shorts - Forever 21; Blush patent platform wedges - Guess via DSW

As far as maxi dresses go though, I've found a winner that I will be wearing the hell out of this summer.  I found it (where else) at Marshalls and have only had one opportunity to wear it, which I failed to document.  I paired it with my H&M hat and my Guess platform wedges, because really, it's true love when it comes to those pieces, as well as a long black cardigan because it was too cold to go without.  I have the idea to get a cute cropped blazer to wear with this dress.  I tried on my thirfted Perry Ellis blazer, but it hits me too low on the hips to look good with this dress.  I need something that's going to hit at my waist.  So I'm on the look out for that.  I love the pattern on this dress and I love that it has little spaghetti straps instead of being strapless.  But what I love the most about this dress is that it is loooooooong.  I have a short torso, but long legs, people.  And this was plenty long to wear with my beloved platform wedges.

And speaking (again) of Marshalls (they really should pay me for all the love I give them), I ran into these amazing Guess platform peeptoe heels and I wish I had a reason to wear sexy shoes like this more often.  Because they were only $29 and they fit so great and they were ridiculously comfortable and easy to walk in. I think I might be a fan of Guess shoes now, b/c seriously.  These are sex.  But I walked away from them because I don't have many opportunities to wear shoes like this, which would make them an unnecessary purchase and I'm trying to stay away from those.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Looking the part

No real outfit pics today.  I haven't been getting "dressed" and by that I mean I've been bumming around the house in that Navy sweatshirt & either jeans or short shorts, depending on my mood.  When I left the house, I swapped out the sweatshirt for a v-neck tee.  What else is new?

My beloved Adidas top
So, I thought today I'd talk a little bit about what I wear when I run.  I started running about a year ago.  I've mentioned the fact that I've lost 50 pounds, and the running was a huuuuge contributor to that, I think.  I like to joke that I started running so I could keep eating ice cream, but it's totally true.  And even if I don't always enjoy every minute of the actual running part, I always feel good afterward and I'm proud of what I've pushed my body to accomplish.  Running doesn't require a lot of fancy gear or equipment.  A good pair of running shoes and you're good to go.  But if you think I was out there running/walking/running/walking/panting/OhGodI'mdying in a ratty old tee shirt and shorts, then you must be new around here.

What I wore pretty much all the time.
I ran my first 5K in a running skirt!

I'm a walk-the-walk, talk-the-talk kinda girl and for running, that meant I wanted to look like a runner.  And the better I felt about what I was wearing to workout, the better I felt about actually working out.  Shallow?  You betcha.  But it worked for me.  I started running in a pair of running sneaks I must have purchased 7 years ago in college, in one of my many previous failed attempts to get fit.  You guys, after 7 years, there wasn't even any wear on the treads.  Kind of sad.  For the rest of my gear, I like looking cute, but I'm cheap. So I hit up Marshall's & Target and the sale rack at the Gap hardcore.

I wore these shorts out exactly once.

I've evolved in my workout style.  I prefer a pair of tight-fitting running pants over anything else, though in the summer, my legs really appreciate that running skirt.  I tried a pair of shorts for exactly one run.  Granted, they were suuuuuper tiny, but I felt very uncomfortable in them, so they were relegated to bumming-around-the-house shorts. 

Loose on top, tight on bottom!
I also prefer a blousier top.  I've made a LOT of progress, but when it comes to workout bottoms, I still have a bit of a muffin-top.  I'm really conscious of it in skin-tight tops, which is why I tend to stick with a looser fit.  So, tight on the bottom, loose on top.  That's my general MO.  I also prefer a built-in sports bra b/c I layer up to protect my tatas.  They've seen enough damage.  It's the least I can do to try to keep them from bouncing all over the place.  I wear the tight pink top underneath my running jacket when it's colder out, though  I did take it out for a spin by itself with the running tights the other day and it wasn't too bad.

 So that brings us to today's running outfit.  I'm Gap head to toe (seriously, check out their sale racks...Gap Fit stuff is always marked waaaay down!) with the exception of my sports bra from Target & my Nike LunarGlide2s.  I ended up being foiled by a downpour, and I probably should have perservered since I ended up being only .6 short of 3 miles, but I was worried about my iPod getting wet, so I called it a day.  I was on call today, so I had to take my phone on my run with me.  Now, I hate superfluous Stuff when I run.  I like to keep my hands free and fanny-packs don't work for me b/c they bounce & that's annoying.  I have an arm band for my iPod and I've discovered that my keys will stay put in the little ID pocket on my running tights.  But my phone?  Where does my phone go?  I'll tell you where - in my sports bra!  Or rather, in the built-in sports bra of my workout top.  But I worry about humidity because I sweat  a LOT.  So, I came up with the following ingenious idea.

 P.S. That's what I look like with zero make-up, by the way.  Hello there, Naked Face!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Schlubbin' It

Today is a cleaning day.  I feel like I've hardly been home recently, between waving good-bye to my main mister on the pier and flitting about the country.  I've mentioned before that I follow in my mom's footsteps as far as cleaning in my PJs go.  This is my brand spankin' new Navy hoodie that the mister's lovely mom bought for me after the send-off.  It's suuuuper comfy, but I feel weird when I wear it.  I don't feel like myself.  I wore it out of the house to have lunch with a friend last week and every time I caught a glance of myself in a reflective surface, I kept thinking, "Holy crap, I look just like my sister!"  It's not a bad thing looking like my sister, but it feels weird.  She wears hoodies, I do not.  So I don't know if I'll wear this around town much, but you better believe I have this thing on all the time at home.  It's perfect for bumming around the apartment (and, you know, cleaning it).

Navy hoodie - NEX Norfolk; Green striped shorts - Wal-mart

Yesterday I ran 6 miles around a lovely park in my neighborhood.  I've been building up my mileage little by little, but I had a bit of an interruption last week.  So this was my first long run in two weeks.  And when I got back, I had some almonds & yogurt, hopped in the shower and got dressed to walk to Target to get supplies to make supper.  I'd originally put on shorts, but walked about a block outside before I decided it wasn't QUITE shorts weather yet.  So I dashed back inside & put on jeans.  By this point though, I started getting a bit light-headed & shaky and I realized that my stomach was trying to eat my leg.  So I scrapped my plans for cooking dinner and barely made it to Panera.  What I really wanted was a big ole cheeseburger & some fries, but I opted for a panini & a salad.  It was probably the healthier choice, but it did not really satisfy me.

Then I went ahead & walked over to Target to pick up coffee & 1/2&1/2 and to see if that Jovovich-Hawk dress was still on the clearance rack.  It was not.  Instead, I tried on a bunch of new workout pieces but didn't buy any.  I thought about getting a new running skirt in a medium because the one I have in a large is a little, well, large.  I also tried on a pair of running shorts, but I'm undecided about that.  I'd really just like to get another pair of Gap Fit capri leggings, but those babies are expensive if they're not on sale!

Gold metallic sweater - H&M; YES concert tee - Ebay; Skinny jeans - Express; Patent wedge sandals - GUESS via DSW

As for what I wore to wave my hankie on the pier last week, we got up at 4am, so I'm sorry to say I went with basic and didn't even both trying to do anything with my hair.  I was cold all morning, wishing for a scarf and the wind coming off the ocean wreaked havoc on my bun.  The mister's mom is lovingly known as "The Papparazzi" by her kids and she snapped a few shots of me when I wasn't paying attention.  It was a really emotional day for me.  This is my first deployment as a Navy girlfriend, so I'm not sure what exactly to expect.  I would do okay for a while and then just sort of burst into tears. Poor mister and poor mister's mom, having to deal with me.

Black trench - Target; White v-neck tshirt - NextLevel via Amazon.com; Floral print cardigan - H&M; Joes Jeans - Nordstrom Rack; Black pointy-toed flats - Nine West via DSW.com

I will say this:  CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion in waterproof does a bang-up job of staying on through tears.  I told my mom later in the afternoon that I'd cried off all my make-up and she was like, "Why'd you put on make-up in the first place?"  But she didn't know what I know about the Papparazzi, haha.

As for the mister, he started the day in a casual blue camo-print ensemble, but went with a classic all-white military look later in the morning..  He wears it very well, though I might be a tad bit biased.  He's so handsome, y'all.  I'm going to miss this man.

Friday, May 6, 2011

You Can Leave Your Hat On

Hello darlings!  I've been so excited about seeing some comments from new readers!  When I started this blog, I honestly thought no one would read it but my mom & my boyfriend.  So I'm super happy that I have some readers.  So thank you so much for reading!

I've got a few pictures for you, the first being a pretty boring layover outfit.  I was in Baltimore and was heading out for a walk with the plan to sit & read a new book (Packing For Mars by Mary Roach!) while I sipped my beverage only to find that particular Starbucks not conducive to book-reading.  No comfy chairs! Only hardbacks at tables and they were all occupied.  So I took my cup of coffee to go and headed back to my hotel room.  So I maybe wore this outfit for all of an hour.  But my hair looked cute, which is worth documenting!  I've started curling my hair a new way, by wrapping my hair around the barrel of the curling iron & NOT using the clip.  It produces more of a wavy curl and I love it.

I was seriously just walking out the door when I decided to take the pic, hence my hands being full of headphone cords.

Floral cardigan - H&M; White v-neck tee - NextLevel via Amazon.com; Joe's Jeans - Nordstrom Rack; Black pointy-toed flats - Nine West via DSW.com; Black purse - LEN

I am especially pleased with today's outfit.  All last summer, I saw girls with cute side-braids wearing straw fedoras and I wanted one so badly, but I hesitated and then couldn't find one.  I happened to be at H&M yesterday with some girlfriends and I found this one for $6.95.  There was NO WAY I was passing it up.  Also while out shopping, we stopped into DSW where I hit up the Clearance room hard, trying on just about every wedge sandal I could find before happening upon this pair of blush-pink patent pleather wedge sandals from Guess.  They have a really nice cork wedge and they match my skin tone pretty well.  I walked to Target & back today (about a mile each way) and my feet didn't fall off, so I declare these babies my official Shoes of Summer.  I'm really pleased with them.  The rest of this outfit is old news, but I really feel like the addition of the hat and the shoes really brought everything together!

Straw fedora - H&M; Black Cardigan - Marshall's; Sheer floral blouse - Forever 21; Skinny-leg jeans - Express; Pink wedge sandals - Guess via DSW

So I'm sure a lot of you are familiar with Target's GO International Line where they have big name designers create collections to be sold in Target stores.  And if you're familiar with that, you're probably also familiar with the re-issue of some of the dresses from that line.  While there were definitely some pieces I like, I'm cheap.  I wasn't willing to pay $30+ for a dress from Target, so I perused the racks and left them be.  However, now those same dresses are showing up on the clearance rack.  I pulled one of the Jovovich-Hawk dresses into the fitting room today and gave it a go.

Sorry the picture is a little blurry.  Ever since I first put those shoes on yesterday, I've been building whole dream outfits around them.  And that includes so many floral dresses.  And while this fits the bill of a summer-y floral dress, the sale price on this one was $27.95 and I felt that was a little much for what is essentially a fancy-looking nightgown.  Maybe if the price comes down under $20, I'd reconsider.  But for almost $30, meh.  A few years ago, I bought a purple strap-less dress with a big poufy skirt from the Behnaz Sarafpour collection.  It was on sale and I wore it to a New Year's Eve party.

Have any of you purchased any of the GO International re-issues? Or did you buy any pieces the first time around?