Friday, May 20, 2011

Looking the part

No real outfit pics today.  I haven't been getting "dressed" and by that I mean I've been bumming around the house in that Navy sweatshirt & either jeans or short shorts, depending on my mood.  When I left the house, I swapped out the sweatshirt for a v-neck tee.  What else is new?

My beloved Adidas top
So, I thought today I'd talk a little bit about what I wear when I run.  I started running about a year ago.  I've mentioned the fact that I've lost 50 pounds, and the running was a huuuuge contributor to that, I think.  I like to joke that I started running so I could keep eating ice cream, but it's totally true.  And even if I don't always enjoy every minute of the actual running part, I always feel good afterward and I'm proud of what I've pushed my body to accomplish.  Running doesn't require a lot of fancy gear or equipment.  A good pair of running shoes and you're good to go.  But if you think I was out there running/walking/running/walking/panting/OhGodI'mdying in a ratty old tee shirt and shorts, then you must be new around here.

What I wore pretty much all the time.
I ran my first 5K in a running skirt!

I'm a walk-the-walk, talk-the-talk kinda girl and for running, that meant I wanted to look like a runner.  And the better I felt about what I was wearing to workout, the better I felt about actually working out.  Shallow?  You betcha.  But it worked for me.  I started running in a pair of running sneaks I must have purchased 7 years ago in college, in one of my many previous failed attempts to get fit.  You guys, after 7 years, there wasn't even any wear on the treads.  Kind of sad.  For the rest of my gear, I like looking cute, but I'm cheap. So I hit up Marshall's & Target and the sale rack at the Gap hardcore.

I wore these shorts out exactly once.

I've evolved in my workout style.  I prefer a pair of tight-fitting running pants over anything else, though in the summer, my legs really appreciate that running skirt.  I tried a pair of shorts for exactly one run.  Granted, they were suuuuuper tiny, but I felt very uncomfortable in them, so they were relegated to bumming-around-the-house shorts. 

Loose on top, tight on bottom!
I also prefer a blousier top.  I've made a LOT of progress, but when it comes to workout bottoms, I still have a bit of a muffin-top.  I'm really conscious of it in skin-tight tops, which is why I tend to stick with a looser fit.  So, tight on the bottom, loose on top.  That's my general MO.  I also prefer a built-in sports bra b/c I layer up to protect my tatas.  They've seen enough damage.  It's the least I can do to try to keep them from bouncing all over the place.  I wear the tight pink top underneath my running jacket when it's colder out, though  I did take it out for a spin by itself with the running tights the other day and it wasn't too bad.

 So that brings us to today's running outfit.  I'm Gap head to toe (seriously, check out their sale racks...Gap Fit stuff is always marked waaaay down!) with the exception of my sports bra from Target & my Nike LunarGlide2s.  I ended up being foiled by a downpour, and I probably should have perservered since I ended up being only .6 short of 3 miles, but I was worried about my iPod getting wet, so I called it a day.  I was on call today, so I had to take my phone on my run with me.  Now, I hate superfluous Stuff when I run.  I like to keep my hands free and fanny-packs don't work for me b/c they bounce & that's annoying.  I have an arm band for my iPod and I've discovered that my keys will stay put in the little ID pocket on my running tights.  But my phone?  Where does my phone go?  I'll tell you where - in my sports bra!  Or rather, in the built-in sports bra of my workout top.  But I worry about humidity because I sweat  a LOT.  So, I came up with the following ingenious idea.

 P.S. That's what I look like with zero make-up, by the way.  Hello there, Naked Face!


  1. You have big eyes, so your face looks great without make-up. And thin!

    I love the running gear.

    - Kira

  2. I have done that exact thing with my phone! I only carry my phone on runs because I can listen to music and use the couch to 5k app, and I've put it in a plastic bag when I haven't had anywhere else to put it but in my bra.