Sunday, February 27, 2011

Good things can come from cleaning out one's closet.  This is another dress I forgot I had.  It's seasonally inappropriate, but that's what tights & cardigans are for, no?  I can never decide if this dress is too short or if it is JUST long enough.  It definitely looks long enough with the black tights underneath.  And of course, my boots.  I swear I have other shoes.  I'm just limited during winter b/c it would be silly to walk through snow & slush in high heels or ballet flats.  So, until the weather cooperates, you'll be seeing a lot more of these boots.  They're sturdy, comfortable, weather-resistant and cute.  So there.

Tank top dress from Macy's
Gray cardigan from Target
Black Tights from Target
Gray boots from Madden Girl

p.s. please excuse all the clutter around my feet.  I'm still in the process of shredding documents.


  1. This is super super cute. The dress is probably too short with bare legs but it looks great with the tights.

  2. That is the problem with being tall/having long legs & shopping in the Juniors' department. It doesn't exactly bode well for modesty!