Friday, March 22, 2013

Such a Very Dapper Gent

So.  This happened.  I find it highly amusing, the Mister is horrified and Rory is alternately disinterested and annoyed.  But it was $8 and the description said something about making your cat into an English butler and I told the Mister we could call him Mister Bates (we just finished watching seasons 1 & 3 of Downton Abbey, but we haven't seen season 3, so no spoilers!) and I promised that if Rory hated it, we would take it off him and never buy him another costume.  Rory does not hate it, per se.  Similar to his harness, I'm sure if we just occasionally put it on him and leave it on him for a few minutes at a time he will come to accept it.  The Mister is still horrified.

What else is new?  Wedding stuff has taken over my brain again.  But I think I might finally have (most of) my ducks in a row.  The invitations are here, I just have to address and mail them all.  We have a caterer, a DJ, a day-of coordinator, a photographer, someone to put up all the bistro lights & paper lanterns.  The flowers have been ordered.  The bridesmaid dresses have been ordered.  The flower girl dress has been ordered.  I kept going back & forth on the idea of having someone do my make-up, but my sister is pushing for it because she would like to have her make-up done.  I thought I might just spend the money at Sephora and buy some really nice stuff.  I'm definitely going to have eyelash extensions though.  Those things are crazy.  And by crazy, I mean awesome.

I signed up for a half marathon.  The race is two weeks before my wedding.  At first I was like, "That is a horrible idea!" because I ended up injured after my first half marathon.  Then I decided I would actually train for it like a normal person instead of just sort of winging it and I signed up.  But I'm still just sort of winging it.  It seems to be working though, because two days ago I went out for a ten mile run and ended up running 11.25 and had no difficulties aside from the usual twinges that come from running for two hours.  This is encouraging when I think about training for a full marathon AFTER the wedding.  Because that's at least 4.5 hours of running.  FOUR AND A HALF HOURS of RUNNING.  Y'all, I am crazy.

What's new in your life?

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