Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet Amy!

No burying the lede on this one, y'all.  We got a new cat a few days ago and so far, it is love, true love.  Well, between her & I.  Rory on the other hand, well, they're starting to tolerate each other more.  We thought he would be excited to have a little cat friend, considering how hard he tried to be friends with the cat we were sitting a few weeks ago.  But when we brought Miss Amy home, he hissed at her and proceeded to continue hissing at her all day.  We're three days in and they can now tolerate being in the same room and occasionally on the same piece of furniture.

I don't think he is plotting her imminent demise here, but he is not exactly thrilled with her presence.  I'm confident though, that as time goes on, they will be BFFs.

I mentioned previously that the Mister & I had been idly cat shopping for a few weeks.  Going to Adoption Day at Petsmart every Saturday has just become a tradition.  We pet all the dogs we can't have and we play with the cats, but we never come home with one.  Because they haven't been the right one.  And I knew that I would know when I saw the right cat.  And when we spotted Amy at a Petsmart we don't usually go to, I knew she needed us.  The sign on her cage said she was a year old, but I have a hard time believing that because she is SO tiny.  And she is skinny.  When we held her at the store, she was shedding like crazy and we could feel all of her tiny bones.  It worried us a little, but she immediately snuggled right into me and I was a goner.  The girl running the adoptions said she was brand new at the store and she had only just been spayed three days before, poor baby.  I think dealing with that and dealing with being in a cage at the store was too stressful for her and I don't think she was eating.  Because we've had her home for three days now and she has already started filling out nicely.  She's super active, incredibly agile and amazingly affectionate.  She wants to be where I am at all times.  We have vet appointments for both cats tomorrow (Rory for his annual exam and for updates on his shots; Amy for a general checkup) so we'll see what the vet says about her weight and about her age.  Meanwhile, I'll just continue to love on her.

And continue to love on this big galoot.

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