Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

So! New year, new blog post? Every time I compose an entry, I promise to stop neglecting this blog. And then I neglect it again. Oops. So, maybe no more promises.

I'm typing this with the on-screen keyboard of my new iPad mini. I saved up a bunch of points in an employee rewards program& cashed them in for so many traveler's checks and made the plunge into the world of tablets. I may never look back. I think I may still want a separate keyboard, but I am getting pretty adept at using the on-screen one. I have no idea how this will format though. I'm using the Blogger app.

I'm currently on a 3+ hour sit in Orlando. This is how I like to start my new year. But soon I'll fly back to New York for the night before I start a 3-day tomorrow. I slept in the lounge last night, but treated myself to a hotel for tonight. Partly bc, you know, sleeping in a bed & taking a shower kind of rocks. But mostly bc I am just that ridiculously committed to my Holiday Streak. I committed to running at least a mile a day between Thanksgiving & New Year's & today is the final day. Once I finish this turn & go to the hotel, I will run the 2 miles necessary to put me over 100 miles for this 34ish day streak. I'm super excited about that.

spent Christmas working, which was lame, but alas, I am still just a junior baby flight attendant. The Mister & I exchanged gifts and I received an awesome monogram necklace (clearly I've been living in the South for too long bc I asked for it!) and a super cute quilted vest for hiking. His mom also gave me anew backpack for hiking. While I am less sure about camping,I am 95% certain I will love hiking. So these items will get a lot of use.

I gave the Mister the first 2 seasons of McGuyver, the movie Paul, a print featuring The Rocketeer (his fave movie of all time) and a pair of cuff links he has been eyeing in a jewelry store window for a year. I think we both made out pretty great.

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