Sunday, November 7, 2010

So I'm not so great with the whole "updating" thing. I update my Tumblr in spurts, not posting anything for a few days, then linking to four music videos on YouTube & reblogging something from The Atlantic. As for my LiveJournal, I NEVER update that anymore. And this blog? I forget about it until I go to comment on someone else's blog. So here I am again.

The biggest thing that's going on right now in my life is a whole heap of uncertainty. So, backstory. Two years ago, the airline I worked for merged with another airline to create a ginormous airline. A few days ago, the last hurdle to moving forward was jumped. And I am no longer represented by a labor union. This is slightly scary for me only because I have no idea how things work without a union. With my old airline, I had a contract. I could look things up in my contract. I could quote my contract. So when the Company wanted me to do something that was against my contract, I could say, "That's against my contract, so you can't make me do that." And the Company would say, "Okay, fine, you're right. You don't have to do that." Now? I guess there is a policy manual? But it gets changed at the company's discretion? And also, I'm pretty sure the way I work will be different now. The way I've worked for 3 years is that I am basically on call 18 days out of the month. For example, I am on call right now. When I'm on call, I just have to be able to get to the airport within 2 hours if they need me. Sometimes they need me. Sometimes they don't. But I have a guaranteed amount of hours that they will pay me for, whether I fly them or not. But with the New Company, I'm not sure how that will work because they do not have straight reserve flight attendants. So yes. A big huge ball of uncertainty that is making my stomach do loop-the-loops.

Otherwise, things are going okay. Last time I posted, I said I was 6 pounds away from my goal. Well, I met it and I surpassed it. At least, I'd surpassed it the last time I weighed myself. I don't currently own a scale and while I've thought about purchasing one, I have no intention of doing so any time soon. My skinny jeans fit and I'm pretty damn comfortable with how I look. I occasionally slip up and do things like eat an entire pint of ice cream, but for the most part, I'm working on intuitive eating and moderation. Go me!

I had a birthday last week & I turned 27. I did not do anything for my birthday because I was working, so I ended up walking around a mall in Sacramento by myself and getting ice cream in my hair. Because even at age 27, I cannot always eat ice cream without getting it in my hair. Turning 27 feels strange. I started telling people I was already 27 a good two months before my birthday. And the day didn't feel special. But the age itself feels strange. I think because when I was a little girl playing Barbies, 27 was always the age that I gave to my Barbies that were successful career ladies, usually with a degree in Art History. My Barbies were cultured, damn it. So here I am, at 27 and while I have a degree (an honors degree, at that, in journalism), I don't know if I would use the word "successful" to describe myself. I'm on the downward slide into my 30s, which is not to say that 30 is the be-all-end-all, but I've always hoped that I'd have my shit together by the time I hit 30. Guess I have 3 years to figure it out.

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