Thursday, November 11, 2010

I am turning into my mother.

This has been happening for a long time. My sister occasionally calls me "Little Terrie" because she says I sound exactly like my mother. And ex-boyfriend who knew my mom pretty well (he was a friend of my living-with-us nephew long before we dated) once said, "Uh, okay Terrie" in response to something I was nagging him about (ouch). On the other hand, my mom occasionally calls me Greg Jr. (my dad) when I start getting impatient and cranky. But anyway. I'm turning into my mom.

How? I clean house in my pjs. I can't tell you how many times friends would come home with me after school and as we walked through the door, my mom was running out of the room & upstairs to actually put on some clothes. And a bra. Because she'd have spent the entire day cleaning house and if you're cleaning, what's the point of putting on normal clothes? Or a bra for that matter. So yes. Today I've spent a few hours moving furniture and sweeping and swiffering and half-assedly dusting. I'm not a fan of dusting. And I'm still in the same thing I wore to bed last night.

My mother would not call the state of my apartment "clean" but my eyes have started to get red & itchy and I'm sneezing up a storm, so it's time for me to quit.

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  1. Ha... I wouldn't say I clean in my pjs (try not to clean sadly) but I def hang out in them. And without fail someone knocks on the door while I look like a crazy. Crap.
    Like your funny piano comment last week on my blog, I also feel like our paino will become a big picture frame holder...