Monday, March 12, 2012

We interupt to bring you the following message...

Hello! I realize it has been a rather long time since I updated, but I didn't have a very good excuse. Until now. Early Friday morning, my apartment building caught on fire. Everyone in the building got out safely, but the building and all its contents are pretty much gone. I didn't have renter's insurance, so I am starting from scratch, which at the very least means lots of new blog content.

Unfortunately, my cat did not survive the fire. She was more than a cat; she was my baby. She came into my life at a very low point and she immediately improved the quality of my life. I'm not really sure how to proceed without her.

I have been incredibly fortunate in receiving donations & support from my family, my friends & my employer. As awful as the actual experience of losing everything I own has been, it has been incredible to witness just how amazing even total strangers can be.

I am typing this on my new Fancy Phone b/c my computer is probably fried or I would link the the article about my building. Just Google "Minneapolis Three-Alarm Fire" and you can probably find it.

Y'all who read this & comment are very dear to me and I just ask that you send some positive thoughts or prayers (however you roll) to my neighbors.

<3 sarah

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