Friday, August 24, 2012

Hello Again

So.  Just about every morning, as I'm doing my daily perusal of blogs (I'm old school and don't actually use an RSS feed), I open up a Blogger tab and half-heartedly look at the blank form and try to start a post.  And then eventually, I close the tab and go about my day.  It certainly isn't because there is nothing going on in my life.  And it isn't even that I'm not putting together outfits, because I am, and every time I put something together, I think, "I should blog this."  And then I don't.

It seems like the longer I stay away, the harder it is for me to get back into the swing of things.  I would say that this blog has probably been the hold-out as far as things getting back to normal after the fire.  And things really are getting back to normal.  I've pulled in the reins & lost the weight I put on in the aftermath.  I have been steadily rebuilding my closet, editing things I bought that maybe don't actually go with anything else (a constant problem for me).  I've been buying things to put up on the walls in the apartment, though for right now, things in frames are just stacked against the bookcase.  I've been trying to read more, but to be honest, the "more" I've been reading is a lot of 99 cent historical romance novels on my Nook.  The other night I was describing to the Mister the various plots in the series I'm reading right now (Regency Pirates, arrrrrr!) and I realized I need to read something of substance soon or my brain will turn to fluff.

But the thing that occupies most of my brain space anymore is the Wedding.  Oh the Wedding.  I can't remember if I've ever mentioned that I worked in a bridal store for almost two years in high school.  It was equal parts horrible and awesome.  Horrible because the owners were awful and my paystubs were handwritten on index cards and I never got a raise the whole time I worked there, even when I went from just being a stock girl (putting away dresses, washing mirrors) to also being a receptionist.  Awesome because I had a lot of time to read or do my homework or even sometimes, on reeeeeally slow Saturdays, we would watch wedding-themed movies on the photographer's TV.  But none of that is the point.  The point is that I spent two years steeped in Wedding Culture and walked away chanting "Courthouse! Courthouse! Courthouse!"  I never dreamed about a big fancy wedding.  And then I met the Mister and in talking to him, discovered that he wanted a traditional wedding where he got to wear his uniform and we walked under a sword arch and all that jazz that went with it.  And because it was important to him, it became important to me.

So here we are, knee deep in Wedding stuffs.  This weekend we are taking a little mini-vacay to drive about 3 hours and meet with our photographer and check out our venue.  Pretty pretty pretty please do not judge our venue based on that site.  True, it is the official site, but I can link you to about 7 or 8 real weddings that actually showcase the place in all its beauty.  I did SO much research into venues and fell down so many rabbit holes of links, but when I stumbled on Ash Lawn-Highland, something in me just knew.  It was the same something that knew I should go to the University of Arkansas, that I should go to Italy, that I should become a flight attendant, that I should marry the Mister.  I tend to go with my gut on these things.

The other Big Event that is looming ever closer on our horizon is moving.  We finally received the Mister's orders and while we weren't super stoked at first, now that we've become used to the idea, we're both getting excited.  We're staying in Virginia, but we're moving about 2 1/2 hours north.  Luckily, the Navy is going to come in and pack up all our stuff and store it and move it, so that is a lot of hassle out of our hair.  Now we just have to find a place to live...

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