Saturday, May 25, 2013

Bit of Bubbly

I'm taking a quick little break from cleaning the apartment to test drive something bubbly that I might get for my ladies to sip on while we get ready for the wedding ONE WEEK from today.  I've been eyeing it at Target for a while (btw, Target in Virginia sells beer & wine which delights me).  It's sparking wine.  In a can.  A pink can.  And it includes a little pink bendy straw.  And it's put out by Francis Ford Coppola's wine and is called Sofia, as in Sofia Coppola.  And it's not bad.  I'll admit that a lot of the points I give it are on account of awesome packaging, but the bubbly isn't too sweet or too dry.  I think this might just be the thing.

As for the rest of the wedding planning, I was all set to go get into one of those sunless spray tan booths today to try it out when, at the last minute, I found someone who does airbrush tans.  In my own home.  Am I the only one who thinks this is crazy weird?  So I made an appointment for tomorrow to make sure it doesn't make me, like, break out in hives.  I kept going back & forth on this (I went back & forth on a LOT of beautification-type things) but decided it will keep the dress from washing me out and will make me look pretty.

The Mister is off on his Bachelor Weekend, which means it is just me & Rory tonight.  For now, I'm sipping my bubbly and cleaning the apartment with Pandora blaring.  My parents arrive tomorrow, then my Gay Boyfriend & the Mister's mom arrive on Tuesday and the Mister's Sister arrives on Wednesday and then Thursday we're off to Cville!  And then I get married!  Holy crap, y'all!

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