Sunday, June 23, 2013

Crossin' Things Offa Mah List

So I've been diligently/half-assedly attempting to cross things off my 30-Before-30 list for the last few months.  I haven't even STARTED the one where I wanted to read 25 books & instead keep filling my Nook with a bunch of Eloisa James Regency Romance novels.  Don't judge.

I DID pay off my consumer credit debt, but then since I've been based in NYC I've had to put a few hotel rooms on my credit card and also a few things for the wedding so I've got to work on that again.  I could probably just ask the Mister for the money and pay it off again but sometimes I'm stubborn and I get all "I wanna do it myself!"  We'll see how that shakes out.

The whole "take at least one photo every day" was a little overambitious and I've sort of already failed at that.  I'm super jelly of people who are all into Instagram and have all these little moments documented for future perusal.  I could spin it like I'm SO into the moment as it happens that I don't want to step back to take a photo, but that's BS and we all know it.  I just don't have the thought until after.  Or I feel like an ass.

For Christmas, my mom gave me an herb garden starter kit, but I'm so clueless when it comes to plants that I didn't know when I was supposed to start it and now I feel like it is too late to start from seeds and I should just go to Home Depot & have them set me up but that would involve having to talk to people and have I ever mentioned that I hate talking to people sometimes?  Like, not just making polite conversation.  That's fine.  I mean like, walking into a place and being all, "Hello, I need assistance with this thing that you probably know a ton more about than I do."

Case in point, I've needed new running shoes for months now.  MONTHS.  And after the half-marathon, the Mister was all, "We are going to go the running store and they are going to fit you out."  I don't think he realizes sometimes a.) how picky I am and b.) how fussy my feet are.  And by that I mean, all shoes hurt my feet.  Seriously.  I have never worn a shoe that felt great for more than, say, fifteen minutes.  Maybe I just have super sensitive skin on my feet, but just about any shoe will rub my feet into blisters after half an hour.  Or if it doesn't rub, it feels too tight.  Or the shoe aggravates my Morton's Toe.  So yes.  We went to the running store.  And I tried on AT LEAST a dozen pairs of running shoes.  And they made me go outside and run in them.  And it was like Goldilocks.  This pair was too soft.  The pair was too firm.  This pair pinched my feet.  And finally I think I just got frustrated and picked a shoe, any shoe.  And it wasn't the correct choice.  They hurt the sides of my feet.  But I've worn them half a dozen times now and I'm not sure what the return policy is so I'm probably just going to keep them and continue wearing them because the alternative is going back into the store and doing it all over again and just no.

But!  There are some things that I've done!  Like joining a CSA!

Oh my gosh, you guys.  So many vegetables.  We kind of don't know what to do with it all and we feel bad because we keep ending up tossing a bunch of it on Tuesdays before the Mister has to go pick up the next box on Wednesday.  Sometimes we are really on our game, but then there were the weeks when the kept giving us giant yams, like, way too giant to just bake and by the time I thought about making them into gnocchi or something, they'd started to get all soft & weird.  So last week, in an attempt to not be wasteful, I decided to use our brand new food processor to shred up all the zucchini, thinking I'd make a loaf or two of zucchini bread.

The recipe I was going by called for three cups of zucchini.  I just sort of started shredding until the food processor bowl was full.  And that was only like 1/5 of the zucchini.  And it made something like 6 cups.  So then I was like, "Oh okay, I'll just shred up the rest and make more bread."  You guys.  I made TEN LOAVES of zucchini bread.  And 2 dozen zucchini muffins just for something different.  It took FIVE HOURS.  By the end of it, I had used up an entire container of cinnamon and I didn't ever want to look at another zucchini.  AND THEN THEY GAVE US MORE.  In hindsight, I still love the idea of the CSA as far as supporting a local farm and having delicious farm fresh produce.  But these boxes are too much for two people, especially since I have been flying so much because it is the summer and summer is the worst.

And because this entry is super light on photos, here is a photo of my mom & step-dad at Chatham Manor here in Fredericksburg.  My parents are super adorable.

My step-dad wanted them to pose with a canon but my mom was like, "I am not posing with a canon!"  So I told Mikey to pose with the canon by himself.


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