Friday, July 22, 2011

Harem/Hammer Pants

So, yesterday April from So Yeah...So drove over to Minneapolis to pick up her friend at the airport.  I met up with her at the Mall of America to help her kill some time.  We walked & walked & ate crepes & walked & walked and at some point ended up at the Gap.  The Gap at the Mall of America is probably my favorite Gap ever.  I think it is where all area Gaps send their sale items to die and I feel like there is ALWAYS an additional 40-50% off sale items there.  And y'all know I love a good bargain.  One of the things we found was a whole rack of cotton jersey harem pants for $10.  And before you could say "Hammer Time" April had convinced me to try a pair on for the fun of it.

You guys, I get how comfy harem pants are.  Because once they were on, they felt like any other pair of cotton yoga pants.  But YOU GUYS, they gave me saggy diaper butt.  And saggy diaper butt is NOT something that needs to happen, not even in the privacy of my own home and especially not in public.  I've seen other style bloggers pull of harem pants in a semi-convincing way.  Or at least, convincing enough that I sort of tilted my head to the side and said, "Okay, yeah, maybe that works."  But on me?  Nope.  No way.  Not gonna happen.

I think the expression on my face in these photos really says it all.


  1. I can't really get a good idea of how saggy your butt is but they don't look bad on you. I feel the same way though... you see someone really rocking the hell out of them online and wonder for a second if you could pull em off. My bf would NEVER let me live them down.

  2. Really?! I'm surprised! You look AWESOME in harem pants!

  3. hahaha When I first saw the picture, all I could think was: "Sarah, nooo!"

    - Kira

  4. I think half the trick to pulling off harem pants is the attitude.
    I think you could pull them off with the right top, shoes and attitude, but who wants to work that hard to get dressed?