Thursday, July 28, 2011

30 Day Photo Challenge

So I am a member over at Pinterest.  And it's addicting.  It has been so hot & muggy outside that I spend much of my free time chilling in the AC, prowling around on Pinterest, pinning new things to my boards.  It has given me lots & lots of exciting ideas for my new apartment.  I figure, this is likely to be my last Bachelorette Pad, so I should make it as girly & "me" as I can because if things go the way the Mister & I have planned, eventually I'll have to share in the decorating decision making department.

One of the things I've seen several times is this:

And I want to participate.  It originally comes from a blog called Oh So Lovely and there aren't any real rules, per se.  Except, you know, take a picture every day & post it.  I feel like this will encourage me to post here, even on days when I don't put together a "blog worthy" outfit and it will push me to be a bit more creative.  I feel like I've been stuck in a creativity rut for a long time, so I need to shake myself out it.  And I've found that if I commit to things publicly, I'm a LOT more likely to actually do them.  So starting August 1st, look for a new photo a day in addition to my outfit posts!

p.s. Y'all should participate too!

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