Monday, July 25, 2011

Put a Blazer on It!

So, I mentioned in my last post that April from So, Yeah...So was in town to pick up her friend from the airport.  Before we hit up the mall and I decided to give harem pants a go, we went to Ikea.  And April offered to take my outfit photo.  And I cannot be expected to do anything remotely normal in front of a camera, particularly when there are curious shoppers milling around behind me.  I take that back, the first pose was a relatively normal style blogger-y pose.  But the second one?  I don't even know.

I was just glad that it was finally not so damn hot that I could wear my blazer.  I knew we'd be spending the day indoors and I get cold in air conditioning.  Plus, you know, I'm addicted to blazers.  Maybe you heard about that satire show called Portlandia?  Well, they did this bit called "Put a Bird on It" which was making fun of how ubiquitous birds are getting in hipster design.  My version of that might be "Put a Blazer on It" because that's how I feel about most of my outfits.

Lastly, remember how I said I need to start being better about wearing lipstick?  Well, I have been.  But I forgot to reapply for the shot I took in the dressing room at Urban Outfitters (I tried on a pair of purple leggings, Don't Ask) and I keep looking at this picture thinking about how naked my lips look.  But you can see my pretty earrings, so it's all good!

Black Perry Ellis blazer - thrifted at Savers; White V-Neck Tee - NextLevel via; Pink lace skirt - Target; Blush patent wedge sandals - GUESS via DSW


  1. Gah! You're so pretty!
    I'm so jealous that you got to wear a blazer. They are my jam! Can't wait for it to cool off a bit!

  2. you look lovely.. really lovely :)
    p.s. Loooove those sheets :)