Saturday, September 29, 2012

Try Something New Today!

On the surface, this outfit is really nothing to write home about.  But!  There are a few things going on that I feel are notable.  First of all, I am wearing not just a belt, but also shorts.  These are two things that don't tend to feature heavily on this blog.  Mostly because I didn't previously own any.  

I'm not sure how I've managed to go almost 29 years (y'all, my birthday is next MONTH) without figuring out belts.  I can't tell you why I find them so intimidating, but intimidate me they do.  You can hardly see that one, but it is metallic & braided and it is barely long enough to go around my hips but is super long when I wear it around my waist.  I bought it that way on purpose.

The pink shorts were an experiment and I've worn them enough to justify the $20 price tag.  I picked them up at Gap a few months ago and they are exactly the right length for me to feel comfortable in them.  They're doing something funky near my crotch in this photo, but I hope that is just the way I'm standing.

I've also been experimenting with tucking in my shirts.  I'm certainly no Kendi Everyday, but it's not too bad.  I also discovered a way to do a French braid whilst giving myself a bit of a Snooki-poof, but I think I over-Snookied this one. I like braiding my hair because it means I don't have to dry it after I shower.  And I'm not even lying when I say that sometimes I avoid washing my hair just so I don't have to dry it.  I have long, thick hair that I am very grateful for, but dang, it takes a lot of effort to dry it.  So any kind of hair-do I can work that doesn't require the blow-dryer?  I'm in.

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