Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Head to Toe

Holy flattering mirror, Dressbarn! I'd about like to take it right home with me, along with the chandelier you can't see here. But trust me, it was pretty!

Everything in this outfit is brand new...but, do any of my long-time readers notice something familiar? Maybe that pink skirt? I've been in Tennessee for the last couple days, visiting my parents & bonding with my new kitten (more on him later!!!) And of course I went shopping. What can I sat? It's my hobby! Anyway, my mom & I were at an outlet-type place & I found this skirt, which is the EXACT same Mossimo skirt from Target that I originally bought a year ago or so & subsequently lost in the fire. It was a big fave of mine, so I was thrilled to find this replacement, in the right size too!

The denim shirt is something I've been idly searching for for a while and the boots are something I've been actively hunting. So it was great to be able to knock off two of my Fall wishlist items (the list includes the aforementioned denim shirt & brown boots, plus a tweed blazer, pullover sweaters & tights) in one week. Though maybe not so great for my wallet, haha!

As for the kitten, his name is Rory (we named him for a Doctor Who character b/c we are super nerdy) and he is seriously the cutest, sweetest most lovey cat ever. I am ridiculously head-over-heels in love with him & it was so hard to leave him today! But Sean is still out of town for work, as am I, plus we are moving next month, so he is better off staying with my parents for now. But oh, I'm gonna miss him!

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