Sunday, October 7, 2012

Drinking Coffee in My Hotel Room, LaGuardia edition

So I'm sitting here in my hotel room, drinking really crappy hotel coffee.  Hotel coffee is a bone of contention for me.  Many hotels have switched to the single-cup brewing systems and I LOVE those.  It makes it easier to brew hot water for oatmeal or for tea.  But this hotel.  THIS hotel still wants to use the old four-cup carafe and to top it off, the coffee they've provided is pretty awful.  I realize I do have the option to just not drink the coffee.  But come on.  This is me we are talking about.  And you know what I always say:  A caffeinated flight attendant is a HAPPY flight attendant.

And speaking of being happy, since I've just spent the previous paragraph bitching about bad coffee, I thought it might be nice to take a moment and celebrate the things in my life that are currently making me happy!  Because, you know what?  There are a LOT of things that make me happy!

1.  Working with good crews!  I've been very fortunate on my past few trips to work with people I enjoy.  It makes even the worst trips a million times better!

2.  My new mini speaker!  I've been hemming & hawing about buying a portable speaker for my phone.  The speaker on my phone is pretty darn good, all things considered, but the volume didn't go high enough to be heard in the shower and I like to listen to music in the shower.  So I finally bit the bullet and bought one of these and I've been pretty darn happy with it.  There is a lot of extraneous cordage going on, but I can deal with that in exchange for being able to dance in the shower!

3.  Knitting!  Y'all, I made a pair of slippers!  Okay, so they are super wonky and I haven't finished them yet (that hole you see WILL be sewn closed, I just didn't bring a sewing needle or a crochet hook!), but I made them all by myself!  And I taught myself TWO new techniques in the course of making these (shaping the heels & toe and creating an Applied I-Cord).  At one point, I thought I was stuck and I was just going to put it away until I could find someone to help me, but then I thought to myself, Hey Self, you're a pretty capable lady!  I bet if you just gave it a whirl, you might be able to figure it out!  And worst case scenario, you'll have to rip it out & start over.  So that's what I did and I figured it out like a BOSS.  I'm so excited to be done with this trip so I can get back to the crash pad where I've got the materials waiting to start ANOTHER slipper project.  Um, yeah, chances are everyone is getting slippers for Christmas this year.  But I promise they'll look better than mine!

And speaking of being done with this trip, I've been using one goal to procrastinate on another goal.  I've got to get in some kind of workout in the next twenty minutes or so.  Time management, schtime schmanagement. to the rescue!

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