Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Succeeding in Failing

So far I think I have failed at my goal of updating three times a week.  But that's okay.  I have to remind myself that failure is good because it leads to growth.  And I am making a concerted effort to not let failure be the end of things.  Just because I failed doesn't mean I can't start over and do better the next time.

On that point, I've been really into my knitting lately.  And I mention it in relation to failing because obviously, those slippers I posted last week were pretty bad.  But I was proud of myself for learning new techniques and for attempting something new instead of just looking at it and thinking, "Nope, too complicated for me so I'm not even gonna try."  So while I COULD rip out the slippers and reuse the yarn, I think I'm going to keep them as a reminder that I am capable.  Because I knitted a second pair and they are AWESOME.  I don't have a photo and I forgot to bring them, so I'll have to show you later.  As for the rest of my projects, they're top-secret because they are going to be gifties for my loved ones this Christmas.  Hooray for hand-knitted gifties!

As for where I am, well, I'm in paradise.  My future sister-in-law competed in the Ironman World Championship in Kona, Hawaii on Saturday and so my future mother-in-law is here along with my future aunt-in-law and grandmother-in-law.  The Mister is stuck with his ship and couldn't make it, so I am hanging with his family without him.  I feel bad for leaving him behind, but then I look around and realize I am in freaking HAWAII and then I don't feel so bad.

Today we drove up a mountain to look at some observatories.  My future sister-in-law, in addition to being an incredible athlete, is a super smart astronomer.  So the observatories were her idea, but I enjoyed the heck out of the trip.  I wish I had some photos, but I left my camera back in Norfolk weeks ago and there was a sign about turning off cell phones, so I didn't have that.  And to be completely honest, I was so in awe of the whole experience that it didn't occur to me to even be taking photos until we were on our way down.  But my future mother-in-law had HER camera, so I will steal some of her photos from the day & I will share with you.  It was incredibly cool and incredibly COLD up there and of course I was suitably dressed in pink shorts & sandals...but I sure did look cute!

Tomorrow I am getting a facial treatment by the ocean and later in the afternoon we are swimming with manta rays.  I know, I know, I lead a VERY tough life.  It's really hard being me, y'all.

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