Friday, September 20, 2013

Someone was very insistent on sitting in my lap.  Miss Amy has proven herself to be aggressively affectionate.  We had been under the impression that Rory was a super affectionate cat, a real cuddler.  Ha.  Compared to Amy, Rory is as anti-social as they come.  If you are still for even the briefest of moments, Amy will launch herself at you and demand to be petted.  It's rather sweet really.

I'm also happy to report that, while they are still not BFFs, Rory & Amy seem to be tolerating each other much more these days.  It just that Rory really wants to be dominant and will ferociously groom her until she gets fed up and then she bites him and then he bites her and then she runs and he chases and she hisses.  Sigh.  But the other good news is that Rory is back to his old personality.  For a few weeks there, he seemed really depressed and not himself at all.  We were worried it was a permanent change, but hooray it was not!

Not much else new to report around here.  I've been flying a lot.  Or at least it feels that way.  I basically work one 3-day trip every week, usually leaving on Sunday or Monday and getting home Wednesday or Thursday.  And the first day I am home is always a write-off because I'm just so happy to be home that I don't feel like getting my butt off the couch.  Thursday nights I've been going to a free Zumba class that a guy who lives in the complex teaches.  It's a lot of a fun, but he's cutting it down to twice a month next month and is stopping all together after that, which is a bummer.  After the class is over, I might look into joining a gym again.

Today, in an effort to just get out of the house, I took a trip to Target.  So as a special treat, there's an outfit photo taken in the mirror of a Target dressing room.  It's been AGES since I've posted one of those, y'all.

I ordered those shorts from Anthropologie a few months ago because they were $11 and then they sat in my drawer because I was convinced I shouldn't actually wear them out of the house.  But I've lost about 8 pounds recently, so I decided to try them on again and the Mister gave me the thumbs up on wearing them in public.  So I paired them with my Anthro shirt that is stupidly unflattering but gets me a million compliments every time I wear it because the print is awesome and with the sweater that the Mister hates.  You can almost see how long my hair is getting.  I really need to get it cut b/c it has been driving me nuts all summer.

My main reason for going to Target was to check out the Philip Lim collab they have right now.  My Target had a sort of sad selection and they didn't even have the tuxedo jacket & pants that I was most interested in trying on.  I did try on a super cute sleeveless navy blouse that I liked, but not for $26.  If it goes on sale though, it is going in my closet.  I also tried on a sweater dress that I thought was cute when I saw it online.  But it sort of doesn't.

 On the left here is the way it actually seems to fit.  On the right is the way I think it ought to fit but doesn't.  And there is no way to wear it the way I think it ought to fit because, y'all, that skirt layer is SHEER.  So that was disappointing.

The only other exciting thing is that I get to upgrade my phone tomorrow and I have agonized and over-thought it so much that the Mister is seriously sick of hearing me talk about it.  And it is a good thing I have new co-workers every time I go to work because I've been analyzing it on every trip as well as making trips to various Verizon stores across the country to debate the pros & cons of the Samsung Galaxy S4 & the HTC One.

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