Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch!

You guys, it's October!  October is my favorite month, not just because of my birthday though.  You see, Fall is my favorite season.  And sure, September is the official beginning of fall, but September is just like August Plus.  But October is when the leaves really start changing colors and when the weather gets a little crisper.  And I love me some crisp weather.  It means I can start wearing boots and sweaters and scarves and jackets, but I don't have to wear a coat.  It's the best weather for running.  And for doing fall things.  Like going to the pumpkin patch!

Yesterday afternoon, the Mister came home from work early so we decided to take a drive out to Belvedere Plantation to get some pumpkins.  I've been dying to do something Fall-like and this was pretty high on my list, but we got rained out last weekend.  Well, last night could not have been more perfect, weather-wise.  Although I should have listened to my original instincts that told me to bring a sweater.

But even though I was a little chilly, I looked darn cute with my pumpkin!

And the Mister was handsome, as always.

We felt a little awkward when we first got there because it is totally geared towards families with kids and as yet, we are child-free.  But after a while, we ran into a few other child-free couples out on a Friday date night and felt a little more comfortable.

With it being Fall and all, the sun began to set and the moon to rise pretty early in the evening.

The pumpkin patch is lit up on Friday nights, but we decided to get the pumpkin picking out of the way first thing.  There were really so many awesome pumpkins.  We were super impressed with the quality.  We each found a few awesome pumpkins a piece, but settled on two 18 pounders.  I'm pretty excited to carve them up and also to roast the seeds!

Most of the activities were geared towards the littles, but there was a Maize Maze so we decided to hit that up.  I had never actually been in a corn maze, so I was excited to give it a try.  The Mister thought it was a haunted corn maze, but I was happy it was just a regular one.  It was a little confusing what we were supposed to be doing, besides finding our way out.  There were these checkpoint signs and we only ever found Checkpoints 3 & 4 though some people we ran into claimed to have found Checkpoint 5.  Eventually though, our hot cider was long gone and my fingers were frozen so we decided to give up the ghost and go back the way we started.  The Mister's inner Boy Scout was a bit upset at not having conquered the corn maze, but we still had a lot of fun!

All in all, we had a great time and it was a super fun Fall date night.  I would definitely go back again next year.  And seeing as how we went out to the patch and picked our own pumpkins, I'm going to go ahead and declare this as "Berry Picking" as far as my 30-Before-30 list goes!

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