Monday, January 23, 2012

Lazy Daisy

Oof.  It has been a series of supremely lazy days here at Casa Sky Girl.

The weather in Minnesota finally took a dip into winter and between single-digit & SUB-ZERO temps, I have not really felt like venturing outside.  Add to that being on call, and well, I've basically been hibernating.  The only time I wish I had a car is when I am on call because it would be nice to be able to just go somewhere like the Mall of America or Ikea and wander around.  But with public transit, it takes about 45 minutes to get out there and even though it isn't likely I'll get called out today, there is always the chance.  If I had a car, I could keep my suitcase in my trunk, like many of my other reserve FA pals.  Alas, I don't have a car.  And even to get into the SkyWay (a series of Habitrails for humans connecting buildings in downtown Minneapolis), I have to brave about 10 minutes of cold weather.  So, I've been staying in.

This outfit is a couple days old.  I'd had to get up at 4am to get to the airport by 6:30am to sit there for 6 hours in case they needed me.  They didn't need me, so I came home.  All I really wanted to do was to take a nap, but a trip to Target was necessary, so I changed out of my uniform and into this and sleepwalked through the Skyway.

Perry Ellis blazer - Savers; Tie-neck blouse - Old Navy; Black legging jeans - Gap; Gray OTK socks - Target; Gray Madden Girl Boots - Peebles

Hardly my most exciting outfit.  Truth be told, I am getting bored with my wardrobe again.  Partly because I have to do so much bundling up for the weather that skirts seem like a poor choice and party because I am limited as far as tops go.  I've added more things to my discard pile and I find myself bringing home more bottoms than tops.  Now that it's a new year, I think I need to do another closet re-org.

Also, I did my taxes last night and I'll have a chunk of change coming my way next month.  I'm planning to use the bulk of it for boring things, like paying down credit cards, but I'm reserving part of it as fun money.  I am on the lookout for a new purse and I think it is high time I brought home some accessories.  You may notice I never belt things.  This is because I don't own any belts.

Despite being lazy about getting dressed or leaving the house, I HAVE been working out.  Go me!  And speaking of, it's time for that, a shower, and a trip to Target.  My life is a thrill-a-minute!

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