Friday, January 6, 2012

Radio Silence

Hello there!  Happy New Year!  I apologize for going all quiet after my New Year's Eve post, but I headed out to the Mister's place and, well, a few things.  For one, I packed in a hurry and just threw a bunch of random stuff in my suitcase.  For another thing, I don't have my tripod with me and finding a level surface to set the camera on while ALSO having good lighting was difficult.  And why didn't I just have the Mister take the photo, like so many other lovely style bloggers?  Because I forgot.

I have two outfits for you, but really, it may as well be the same outfit.  Let's call this an exercise in remixing, which is a nice way to say, I'm wearing two of the same pieces in both outfits.  You are probably all so sick of seeing that purple tweedy jacket, but it is seriously my favorite thing in my closet right now.  I just feel like it goes with everything and it adds a little bit of polish to boot.  I'm also in love with the blue legging jeans.  They are comfortable.  Like seriously comfortable.  I guess I probably wouldn't wear them EVERY day if they weren't.  

Also, as a side note, that is not a stain on the front of my YES shirt.  It's more of a hole & a run.  The fabric of this shirt has become stupid thin to the point of see-through.  But I love this shirt.  And I don't have $129 to replace it.

Purple tweedy jacket & blue legging jeans - Gap; YES concert tee - eBay; Brown MIA boots -

So, I may have worn these leggings 3 out of the 5 days I've been here, but I DID wash them.  That's the beauty of the Mister's apartment.  He has his own washer & dryer.  And a dishwasher.  And a KITCHENAID MIXER.  Are you wondering why I haven't married him already & moved in?  I'll tell you.  Because he hasn't asked me yet.  

Black v-neck sweater - Gap; Black pointy-toed flats - Nine West

I apologize for the Snark Face on that photo.  I resorted to the old Fitting Room Mirror trick for this image and Forever 21 always has the worst dressing rooms and the mall here does not have a Gap.  Can you believe that?  What self-respecting mall doesn't have a Gap?  But we do what we must in these trying times.

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