Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sssssnake Legs

Y'all.  I love these pants.  I honestly never would have thought I needed ANYTHING snakeskin print in my closet.  But then I saw these on the sale rack at Gap.  And they were an additional 40% off.  Which would make them $9.  I've mentioned before that I like to try things on just to try things on.  I was taking some tops into the dressing room anyway, so I grabbed these & a similar pair in a blueish tinge.  And once they were on, I decided to purchase them.  And even as I was purchasing them, I was thinking, "Oh man...what in the world will I wear with these?"

Well, this I guess.  I like that owl shirt from Threadless, but I find that the bottom of the shirt hits me at an odd point.  I've never been a big layerer when it comes to the whole "long tank underneath" thing.  When I think of layering, I think of putting things on OVER what I'm wearing.  You know.  Put a blazer on it.

Charcoal blazer - Halogen via Nordstrom Rack; Owl tshirt - Threadless; Maroon tank top - Mossimo via Target; Snakeskin legging jeans - Gap; Brown MIA boots -

Did you notice a new background for my outfit photo?  I got dressed a little late today, so I didn't have good light in the kitchen.  I figured, hey, I'm going to need the flash anyway, Let's take it to the living room!  Also, I'm not stretching in that photo.  The Current was playing "Don't Believe the Hype" and I was dancing.  Apparently that is how I dance to Public Enemy.

And speaking of The Current, this is a song they've been playing lately and I've been dancing to it.  The band is Class Actress and the song is called "Weekend" so enjoy!

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