Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I've got two outfits for you from last week.  I'm still not doing great about updating with any regularity, but at least I'm remembering to take photos when I DO get dressed.

Also, I realize I often say things like, "I haven't bothered getting dressed" or "I didn't get dressed at all last week" and I think it makes me sound like I'm not even getting out of my pjs in the morning, which is not exactly the case.  Take this week, for instance.  I've been on call and twice I've had to go to the airport and do something called On-Premise Reserve, where I hang out for 6 hours in case they need me in short notice.  I didn't end up going anywhere, but when I was home on those days, I didn't really bother putting on an outfit.  I wore clothes, but one day it was leggings & a tshirt and another day it was jeans & a sweater.  Not exactly blog-worthy.  So, just to clarify, I do wear clothes on a regular basis.

I'm also gearing up for another closet purge.  I've been steadily adding to the discard pile and I have a few more items that are headed that way.  And unfortunately, the things I am most getting rid of are tops.  And tops are, incidentally, what I already have the least variety in.  I went to the Mall of America on one of my days off last week to see if I could hunt down any good sales and I made myself ignore ALL bottoms and ONLY try on tops.  I found a few possibilities on the sales rack at Old Navy, but they weren't anything I was in love with and I ended up coming home empty-handed.  I have two days off this weekend, so I think I'm going to plan a trip to a few thrift stores to see what I can dig up.

Leopard-print cardigan - Old Navy; YES concert shirt - eBay; Skinny jeans - Mossimo via Target; Brown MIA boots -

It's been a hot minute since y'all have seen those jeans on this blog.  I think I mentioned before that I got pretty lazy after I injured myself in the half-marathon. Truth be told, I'd put on more weight than I was comfortable with and those jeans were a wee bit snug, so I've been really nagging myself to get things back in order.  So far, I've managed to work out every other day for the last three weeks and I've treated myself to a few new workout DVDs to keep things interesting until I can start running outside again.  Meanwhile, I brought out ANOTHER item of clothing y'all haven't seen in a while.

Oh yes.  My faux-leather leggings.  I saw an image on Pinterest of a girl wearing leather leggings & boots, so I decided maybe I could do it to.  I added the cream-colored sweater to try to keep the look a little softer.  And I'll tell you what.  These leggings don't hide much.  I was glad to be wearing a coat that covered my bum when I wore these last week!  One of the things I'll be looking for on my thrifting trip will be tunic-length tops so I can wear these leggings and not have to worry about panty lines.  I'll also be keeping my eyes out for a few decent collared button-downs.

Sweater - Mossimo via Target; Faux-leather leggings - Gap; Gray Madden Girl boots - Peebles

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