Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Rose Gold-Colored Glasses

Good morning!  I've been camped out at the Mister's place for almost a week now and I've been trying to get out of bed when he leaves for work because then I'm tired when he is tired.  I'm not sure if it really counts as "getting out of bed" when I crawl out of the bed, pull on the Mister's comfy flannel robe and snuggle up on the couch under a blanket with my laptop and cat.  I even have a pillow out here!  I may as well be back in bed.  But I'm awake!  And I'm drinking coffee!  That has to count for something right?  Besides, as much as I hate getting out of bed, I really like getting up early b/c even if I dick around on the Internet for three hours, I can still manage to accomplish a lot before noon!

So!  The mister & I finally got to celebrate Valentine's Day on Saturday night.  We didn't really make a big deal out of Valentine's Day last year.  I don't even remember if we went out to eat.  I'd have to ask the Mister.  He's good at remembering things like that.  But we missed so many occasions together while he was deployed (his birthday, my birthday, our ANNIVERSARY!) that I think he wanted to make this Valentine's Day really special.  So he made a reservation at The Melting Pot and told me to bring something pretty to wear!

As soon as he said that, I knew what I was going to bring.  I bought this dress at the Salvation Army with all the Target deadstock a few months ago.  It was a Liberty of London sample dress and it fit like. a. glove.  Seriously.  And it was $8.  I couldn't have passed it up, no way.  But as yet, I hadn't had an occasion to wear it.  But what says Valentine's Day MORE than pink & purple florals?

Unfortunately we waited until AFTER dinner to do my outfit photos.  The lighting in the mister's apartment isn't super (sidenote: there is NO overhead light in the bedroom!) and the steam from the fondue pot loosened most of the curl right out of my hair.  Of course the Mister thought I looked beautiful, but that's because he always thinks I look beautiful and that is why I love him.

Liberty of London for Target dress - Salvation Army; Pinky-nude heels - Forever 21

Also, I'm used to taking my outfit photos by myself, in my kitchen.  Having the Mister take the photos was fun, but it made me feel silly.  And when I feel silly, I move around a lot, so more than half of the photos were either super blurry or he caught my face doing something weird.  I was looking through the photos going, "Does my face look like this?  Like all the time?"  He's a good man though and he assured me my face does NOT look like this all the time.

Oh and did you notice something kind of shiny & blingy on my arm there?  Speaking of being a good man.  Ladies, let me tell you a story about Pinterest.  Pinterest is the Mister's new favorite thing.  Wanna know why?  Because he uses it like a giant wish-list for me.  Several months ago, I pinned a gorgeous rose gold Michael Kors watch, never in a million years even thinking about acquiring it.  I pinned it more for a reference b/c I really liked the size and shape of the watch and the rose gold sure was pretty.  A few visits ago, the Mister & I happened to be at the mall and we ducked into the Fossil store because I knew they had some rather lovely rose gold-colored watches that were a similar style, but more in my price range.  I mentioned to the Mister that I've never had a "nice" watch before.  The nicest watch I've had was a silver bracelet-style DKNY watch that I only bought b/c with coupons it was $60.  And I wore it to work for three years and beat the hell out of it.  Now I wear a $12 watch to work and I wanted something a little nicer for wearing away from work.  I showed the Fossil watches to the Mister and said I was thinking about maybe buying one in February, when I would get my tax return money.  Being the sneaky Mister that he is, he socked away this information for future use.

Cut to Friday evening when he came home with some gift-wrapped packages.  He was so excited for me to have my present that he asked if I wanted to open gifts early.  We were originally going to wait until AFTER dinner Saturday night.  Luckily for him, I had already wrapped his present, so I said sure!  Now, let me pause to tell you what I was expecting to open.  So when I unwrapped my gift and opened the box, I was shocked to see THIS!  This watch is hands-down the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen.  I had to wait to wear it until Saturday morning b/c I have teeny-tiny baby wrists and we had to go have some links taken out, but since I first put it on, I never want to take it off.  And when I wear it, I find myself staring down at it and stroking it like Gollum and his precioussssss.  I kind of feel like Braggy McBraggerson, but the Mister spoils me absolutely rotten and I love him for it.

And just because it makes me laugh, I have to tell you this.  So, when the Mister went to look at watches, he totally had my Pinterest pulled up on his smart phone.  And when the ladies working the watch counter came to ask if he needed any help, he showed them his phone.  And then he explained what Pinterest was and how he uses it to shop for me.  And these ladies were SO impressed with him.  They basically gave him the Boyfriend Of The Year award right then & there.  And I have to say, I agree with them.

Oh and one more thing...if you were wondering what I got the Mister for Valentine's Day.  We took it in to be framed.  We're big old nerds like that.

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