Friday, February 17, 2012

Drinking Coffee at the Mister's House!

Good morning!  I'm back in Virginia and this time I get to stay for a week!  We're celebrating Valentine's Day tomorrow night and I'm going to make sure the Mister takes a picture of my outfit!  I plan to look super pretty!  Then on Sunday we are meeting up with one of my friends from high school who is in town for work training!  But you want to know what the best part of this week is?  Well, all you have to do is look at the picture!  Stella is here with me!

One of the worst parts of this long-distance relationship business is having to leave my kitten at home.  I feel like the worst cat-mom ever.  And this month, it feels like I haven't hardly been home at all!  So when I got a 5-day trip immediately upon getting home from Virginia last week, I knew I couldn't leave Stella when I came to visit the Mister this week.  And being the amazing guy that he is, he told me that of course I could bring her!  And then he went out & bought her a litter box, some treats & a toy!  I could NOT stop smiling on the drive home from the airport last night.  My whole little family was all together!

This is only the second time Stella has flown, the first time being almost exactly three years ago when I first brought her up to Minneapolis!  I had to fight with her to get her into the carrier and she was REALLY not pleased with me, but then she did great on the way to the airport (we even took public transit!) and went right back into her carrier after I took her out to go through security.  She was pretty chill on the plane and only started crying a little bit when we were on our way home, but I think that was because she was hungry.  I didn't want any bathroom issues, so I put her food away around noon yesterday.

So far she's doing pretty good acclimating herself to the Mister's apartment.  She's a very resilient little kitten, which I think is one of her best qualities.  She's like me in that.  We both adapt well to just about any situation!

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