Friday, February 10, 2012


Y'all?  I have a problem.  Remember how I said I was going to stop bringing home pants?  Well, I brought home another pair of pants.  And that's not even the real problem here.  The pants in question are a pair of legging jeans from Gap.  THAT is the issue at hand.  This is the 4th pair of Gap legging jeans I've bought in the last 4 months.  Granted, they have all been different fabrics and colors, but still.  It seems to be getting a little out of hand.  My latest acquisition is this sweet pair of black velvet pants.  I never thought I needed black velvet pants until I spied these lovelies on the sale rack for $14.  And, similar to what happened with the snakeskin pants, once the possibility was presented to me, I couldn't turn them down.

My other recent addiction is Words With Friends.  I avoided this game for a very long time because I hate Scrabble.  When I was a kid, my family was big on board games.  My mom's favorite game was always Scrabble and I hated it b/c while I can rock a crossword puzzle like nobody's business, I have a hard time coming up with words from those little tiles.  But when my mom sent me a request via Facebook to play Words With Friends with her, well, it's my momma.  And I love my momma.  So I accepted.  And now I've got simultaneous games going with her, the Mister, the Mister's mom and a work friend.  So many words!  And I've even won a few games!

You guys like the silly poses, yes?  Because I like the silly poses.  I get bored of just standing there smiling.  I call this one here The Flasher.

Purple tweedy jacket & Black velvet legging jeans - Gap; YES concert tee - eBay; Pink ballet flats - Gabriella Rocha via

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