Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drinking Coffee with my Kitty

Sorry for the super grainy quality of this photo, but I didn't have my phone or camera handy and Mister Rory was being very sweet.  About two minutes after I took this, he want back to being his old naughty self and attempted to get on the counter no less than five times.  Don't let that adorable little face fool you.  He can be a real pain in the tuckus sometimes.  Lately we've been experimenting with ways to deter him from being bad.  His main bad behaviors right now are the aforementioned counter surfing and then relentlessly attacking the Mister's feet at night.

With other cats, I've always relied on the squirt bottle method.  A quick mist of water and they usually stop what they are doing and after a few weeks of this, they associate the water with the bad behavior and they stop doing the things that get them squirted.  Rory, however, enjoys water.  He LOVES it.  He has taken to getting INTO the shower with me.  He only does this when my body is blocking the majority of the water, and usually jumps out when I move, so perhaps we should try the squirt bottle after all.  We tried closing the bedroom door so he can't get in while we are sleeping, but he claws at the door and cries and scratches up the carpet.  My current solution is to just take him out the living room with me and sleep on the couch.  This way, at least the Mister gets a decent's night sleep.  He's the one who gets up and goes to work, after all.  I can always go back to sleep.

So those are the trials and tribulation with the new addition.  When he's not being naughty, he's pretty awesome, if not weird.  His preferred sleeping places are usually plastic bags, which is how he's earned the nickname of Hobo Kitty.  Yesterday he claimed a bunch of bubble wrap.

What a weirdo.  But he's our weirdo & we love him.

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