Sunday, March 27, 2011

Confession time:  I've been wearing my 2-week disposable contacts for at least a month at a time to try to stretch them out as long as humanly possible.  But!  I finally went for an eye exam last week and got a new prescription that actually allows me to SEE without squinting!  It's like seeing the whole world in hi-def for the first time!  It's amazing!  I've also ordered a new pair of glasses from Warby Parker and those should arrive in about a week.  My old glasses are about 2 prescriptions old, so I NEVER wear them.  So all this new vision-related goodness makes me super excited and I cannot wait to wear my super-nerdy glasses!

In addition to all the optometric awesomeness, I have a new outfit with a few pieces you haven't seen yet.  They're not old.  In fact, the jeans are about 5 years old at this point.  They're the very first skinny leg jeans I purchased when I was studying abroad in Florence, Italy.  This was when boot cut jeans were still all the rage in the States.  I was seeing all these Italian women wearing skinny leg jeans with the ankles kind of scrunched up & high heels, or they were tucking the jeans into cowboy boots.  Clearly, I still have lots of love for skinny leg jeans.

Perry Ellis blazer, thrifted from Savers
White tshirt from LEN
Gray skinny jeans from Zara
Gray Madden Girl Boots
Pink scarf from the market in Florence

I was a little uncertain about the gray boots with the gray jeans, but I was rather pleased with the end look.

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