Friday, March 4, 2011

Sour Face McGillicutty

 I have a very bad habit of Not Smiling when I'm taking these outfit pictures.  This will sound conceited, but I get told very often that I have a nice smile.  But personally, I think it is only nice when it is genuine.  And for the most part, when I'm focusing on holding the camera steady, glancing at the view screen to make sure I haven't cut off my feet (AGAIN), my smile is not genuine.  And it tends to look like a grimace.  So I try to go for Neutral Face.

But I guess my Neutral Face looks sour too.  Ah well.  We work with what we're given, right?

I wore this on one of my many, many trips to Target.  My life outside of work is sadly unexciting.  I putz around the house, take care of any chores I need to do, get sick of being in the house & go to Target.  There is always something I need at Target.  Hand soap.  Toilet paper.  Eyeliner.  And getting out of the house gives me an excuse for getting a little gussied up.  Another good thing about going to Target is that I go to one that is downtown and is frequented by the 9-to-5ers, so outfits like this don't stand out too much.

This was another attempt to get out of my style rut.  I bought that dress for a rehearsal dinner at the end of last summer & haven't gotten much more wear out of it.  I was pretty pleased with the general look of the outfit, and I liked my hair.

Dress by Ya Los Angeles
Blazer by Perry Ellis (thrifted for $6!)
Turquoise tights from ??
Gray Madden Girl Boots

Hair courtesy of this tutorial: