Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Two posts in one day?  It's getting cah-razy up in here.  But the truth of that matter is that I'm on call, but I have enough hours where Scheduling is probably not going to call me today or tomorrow.  And this basically leaves me plenty of time to go shopping.

And yes, I realize I went shopping yesterday.  I'm not sure when it happened exactly, but somewhere along the line, I started to REALLY like shopping.  And by that I mean, I like to go to stores and look around.  I like to try on things.  I rarely actually purchase anything, but I like the act of shopping.  So, when I'm bored and when I have other things I need to do (like clean my room) I go shopping.

I'm wearing two of the three items I purchased at the Mall of America yesterday.  Remember a few days ago I showed you those ridiculously loose size 8 pants from the Gap?  Well, the Gap at the MOA had them for $9 a pop.  So I bought two pairs in a size 6.  Could I have gone wiht a 4?  Maybe.  But  I didn't try any on.  The number of size 6 items in my closet has been steadily rising lately, which is awesome and weird at the same time.  Because there was once a time when the number 6 would have to be preceded by the number 1 in order to make it into my closet.  But  I digress.  These are boy fit pants.  I bought a pair of solid black and I couldn't resist the pair I'm wearing today.  They're a lovely charcoal gray w/ a black tuxedo stripe up the side.  They are super comfortable.  The cardigan was $10 at H&M and I really wanted to wear both today.  The pink tshirt is from Forever 21 & the heels are Quipid from a store in the skyway called LEN.

I call this outfit "Shopping on my Lunch Break" because I looked like all the other 9-to-5vers downtown who shop on their lunch breaks.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I don't think it's very me.  The other thing is that when I wear pants, I feel very masculine.  Which is why I don't wear pants very often.

Since I was out & about and since I've decided that maybe denim shorts are not the way to go this summer, while I was at Target I pulled a pair of olive green trouser shorts into the dressing room with me.  The other thing I've been thinking about this summer is a black & white striped top of some sort.  Target didn't have the black & white ones in my size, so I grabbed an olive green & gray shirt to try on for size.  Pretty sure I haven't been this color coordinated since my mom stopped dressing me.  You may also have noticed that I'm experimenting with tucking my shirts in.

 They were super comfortable & I think pretty flattering.  But again, they were $17.99 and I'm just not certain I will wear them enough to justify $18.  I definitely think I need to get some summer time heels though because damn, my legs look hot!

So, maybe you've noticed the bangs are swooping to the side again.  I am once again waffling about what to do about my hair.  I don't necessarily thing the straight across bangs were the most flattering look for my face.  But I think the side-swoopy bangs are boring on me.  I definitely need a haircut and I think maybe it's time to pay for an actual hair stylist with a few years of experience who might be able to look at my face and look at my style and help me come up with a hair cut that will be flattering to both.

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  1. Gah! Those shorts are cute! And you pull of the tucked-in-shirt veryyyy well!