Saturday, June 4, 2011

Getting schweaty

Just last week I was complaining that it was NEVER going to get warm enough for me to wear all the awesome hot weather outfits I was planning in my head.  And then whoops, all of a sudden today got up to almost 90 and the humidity made the air feel like soup.  Of course, being the bright, intelligent lady I am, I decided that 4pm was the perfect time to go for a 4 mile run today.  More like swim.  Or really, more like slog.  Because I was dragging my tuckus, but the important thing is that I said I was going to run 4 miles and I did it.  Another thing I've declared rather publicly (okay, on Facebook) is that I am going to run a half-marathon for my 28th birthday in October this year!  I ran 8 miles the day before yesterday and realized, Hey, that's only like 4 miles less than a half-marathon!  I should do that!  And so I will!  See, now I've told Facebook AND I've told y'all.  Now I HAVE to do it.

So, are you getting tired of the side braid + straw fedora combo I've been rocking?  Too bad, because I am still enamored.  Besides that, it was too damn hot to try to do anything else with my hair after I got out of the shower.  I wore my black pointy-toed flats on a 6 mile trek to the thrift store yesterday and the right one gave me a blister!  Those shoes have never given me a blister!  But it happened and I'm trying to let it heal, so I was going for a comfy casual vibe to match my Converse kicks.  The skirt is made out of a thick sweatpant-like material that could be sloppy if it weren't for the paper-bag waistband w/ the little brass buttons.  In that past I worried about it being too short, but in looking over the pictures, I think it's okay!

Straw fedora - H&M; Green BDG v-neck tee - Urban Outfitters; Black skirt - Tulle; Black Converse Chuck Taylor sneakers - ?


  1. The skirt is so sassy. Love it.

  2. Have you tried those anti-rub sticks by Dr. Scholl's? I keep one in my purse now. They're fantastic!