Wednesday, June 29, 2011

She's Got Legs

So, a while ago, I posted a picture of a dress I saw at Target that I was on the fence about.  I liked it, but felt the price wasn't right.  I said, "Maybe if it were under $20, I'd buy it."  Well, it pays to have friends with access to other Targets, people.  April over at So Yeah...So happened to find my dress on the sale rack at her local Target and offered to mail it to me.  Wanna know what the price tag said?  $9.97.  Yep.  The price was right.  She sent it along and it's been hanging out on my closet rack ever since.  The one she found was an extra small.  Me?  I'm not exactly an extra small.  I was worried it would be too short to wear in public.  It actually fit fine everywhere else, though it's a little tight across the back of my shoulders.  I was waiting for a day that would be warm enough to have that much of my legs on display.  Today was that day.

I'm still not convinced that it is long enough, but I think that is more a matter of it being rather floaty & flippy at the hem because even though it was pretty windy today, I didn't have a big problem with fly-ups.  I had more of a problem keeping my hat on.  I think the real problem is that my legs are just too damn long.

Straw fedora - H&M; Jovovich-Hawk for Target dress - Target; Blush patent wedge sandals - Guess? via DSW


  1. It looks great! The sleeves are long so you're really not showing any skin anywhere else! Show those legs girl!

    PS: Your "so yeah so" link goes to an ice cream recipe! ;)

  2. OMG it's so cute on you! I think it's fine and would look ultra adorable with some denim cutoffs if you're really worried about the length.

  3. and tights/boots/a sash-like belt when fall comes around!