Friday, June 24, 2011


Yes, I am a magpie.  If something shimmers or sparkles, I’m immediately dr062311awn to it and if the price is right, I’ll buy it.  And the price was definitely right on this little jacket thing.  The Gap was having some sort of humungo sale and this jacket (originally $118!) was down to $18.  How could I walk away?  I’ll tell you, I couldn’t.  I’m not fond of it being dry-clean-only and I feel it should really only be worn when I’m NOT going to have a purse (this is a clutch only jacket!), but I love it!  It’s so cute!

Unfo062311brtunately, yesterday was in fact cold enough that I needed to wear tights if I wanted to wear a skirt.  It was windy, drizzly & overcast.  The temperature hovered somewhere around 56 degrees.  It also gave me a reason to bring back our FAVORITE boots.  You know, the ones that were in every outfit photo for the first few months of this blog.


Nude sequin jacket – the Gap; YES concert tee – eBay; Blue cotton skirt – Old Navy; Black tights – Target; Gray Madden Girl Boots – Peebles

While I was out & about yesterday, I stopped in at Target, of coursrunningskirte.  I took a walk through the ladies activewear department and happened to spot this purple running skirt hanging on a low rack.  I love that it is two-tone, with the pink running shorts underneath!  So far this summer, it hasn’t been to unbearable to wrunningskirt2ear my capri tights for my runs, but eventually it’s going to get hot hot hot and I’ll be thankful for my cute new running skirt! 

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  1. Omg what an insano deal on that jacket! Love it!