Thursday, June 30, 2011

Purse Lust

So, I mentioned my search for a summer-y purse.  What I didn't mention was that on my roadtrip with my bestie, we stopped at an outlet mall to get out and stretch our legs.  We wandered into the Coach store where I proceeded to fall in love with a bright pink leather purse.  And when I say fall in love, I mean Fall In Love.  I wanted that bag so hard.  The color was great, the interior had lots of handy pockets & pouches and it even had dual short straps AND a long strap, something I've been looking for in a purse lately.  

But even with the outlet price and the in-store coupon, it would have been $170.  And that trumps the most I've ever paid for a bag by a good $50.  Granted, the bag I paid $120 for was also leather and lasted me 3 years.  It's actually still hanging in my closet, despite having had to have a strap reattached and having the lining start to detach.  I can't (won't?) get rid of it.

Besides, that bag seemed more practical.  It was a black pebbled-leather messenger bag.  And almost exact copy of a beloved less-versatile yellow leather bag I bought at Zara in Italy and also carried to death for about 3 years.  It was roomy, with lots of pockets and a cheery green lining.  I used it for work & for play and I loved it to pieces.  Literally.

The Coach bag, while gorgeous, seems frivolous.  Probably because, you know, it's bright pink.  And I'm not necessarily one for big names.  I don't care about having a Coach or a Kate Spade.  But I know that Coach makes a quality product.  So if I took care of it, it would last a really long time.  But $170?  For a purse?  And a bright pink one at that?  Even if I had $170 just sitting around my apartment, I don't know if I would purchase it.  I happened to find it online for $189 here and I occasionally stare longingly at it on my screen.

So basically, I'm looking for a lower-cost version of the same bag.  Not a knock-off or anything.  Just something in a bright, summer-y color with a classic shape.  But I have a feeling that nothing I find will live up to the glory that is the Coach Ashley Convertible Carryall in Watermelon.


  1. hey, it's cat (backordered) from lj!

    have you checked out it's owned by zappos and they tend to have pretty good deals. neither of these options are super cheap, but they are both real leather:

    i can definitely vouch for the quality of bags by the sak, especially for the price. almost four years ago, i purchased a green leather bag by them (and thought it was frivolous because of the color!), but it's one of only two non-clutch purses i own. i use it just about every other day and it's still in great shape. i tend to wear a lot of neutrals and it actually matches more than i thought it would.

  2. Ooooh, that Fossil one is pretty! Thanks for the suggestions!