Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Face in Protest

I'm still working on packing up all my worldly possessions.  I am rather impressed that ALL of my remaining clothes fit into one giant suitcase.  And I can actually lift said suitcase.  Which is good, because I will have to haul it up a flight of stairs to my new place NEXT WEEK!  Y'all, I cannot WAIT to move.  Today & tomorrow are my last days off before my parents fly up from Tennessee and the Moving Extravaganza begins.  I have to be out of my current place by noon on the 31st, so the plan is to get everything out on the 30th, so all we have to do on the 31st is a bit of cleaning.  Plus, I'm going to set my Momma to cleaning on the 30th because she is a Clean Person who is good at cleaning.  And I am not.  I've been pre-cleaning today and I've swept up enough cat hair to build another Stella.  It's been hiding under the bed & in corners & behind my vanity and collecting together into Ginormous Dust Bunnies.  I'm mildly allergic to dust, so I've been sneezing & my eyes have been watering and it sucks.  My face is in protest of this moving business.

I still haven't been putting together any sort of outfits before leaving the house, but I HAVE been puttering along at my 30 Day Photo Challenge.

Pretty Pattern

This is the pattern on my Liberty of London for Target dress that I bought at Fake Target for $10.  Fake Target is a part of a Salvation Army here in Minneapolis that sells Target deadstock & samples. This dress is a sample, so it doesn't have any tags, but it fits like a glove.  I cannot wait to find an excuse to wear it.


This is the view from the revolving bar in a Doubletree hotel in Washington D.C.  I was there on a layover and my crew & I decided to go up for a drink during happy hour.  It cost me $4 for a Yuengling, but the view was worth it!

Yesterday's photo eluded me, because I was way to tired to wander out around sunset time.  Waking up at 3:30 am for 3 days in a row will do that to a girl.  I slept in today until 8:30 just because I could.  For now, the rest of my day looks to be full of packing & dusting & sneezing.  Tomorrow evening is the make-up date for my 5k that was cancelled in July.  I'll probably post some pics of my awesome Race Day Outfit because I can't look like a slob when I run.  I coordinate.


  1. I've only moved twice but have helped friends too many times to count and hated every damn bit of it each time.
    Where do the fur bunnies come from? I'm a cleaning maniac and they still suddenly appear.

    So nice of your parents to come up and help you move. That is just super sweet.

  2. I've moved way too many times to count. Family is always good to have to help, and if not, pizza and beer always motivates people to help!