Friday, August 26, 2011

Hot Mess

So first of all, I'm guest posting over at So Yeah...So today, talking about packing a suitcase.  Because I do that a lot.

Second of all, I figured I would combine an actual entry WITH my 30 Day Photo Challenge.  This is less style-centric that my normal posts and more of a race re-cap, but it's cool.

Yesterday I ran my second ever 5k race event.  I ran the same Torchlight 5k last year and finished with a time of 31:10, which I thought was pretty respectable for a first-timer.  I'd been hoping to finish in under half an hour, but at that time, I'd only been running for about 5 months.

Torchlight 5k 2010
So this year, I've been running for a year & a half now and I REALLY wanted to finish in under half an hour.  I knew I could physically do it, but the real question was if I could mentally do it.  I fight my brain a LOT when I'm running.  Around 4pm yesterday, my brain realized I was running my race in about 4 hours and my stomach started doing loop-de-loops.  I started imagining not going to the race at all, just sitting on my butt watching yet another episode of Numb3rs (I have a huuuuuge crush on David Krumholtz).  But I finally got up & got changed into my Race Day Outfit!

Please note the EMPTY garment rack behind me
I was originally planning to wear my purple running skirt for the event.  But I started thinking about it and I feel like the shorts underneath the skirt always ride up and then I'm super conscious of them and it bugs me.  So, since I was going for performance this year, I decided to wear my trusted capri tights.  Once those babies are on, I don't have to think about my upper thighs at all!

I walked to the event start, which was almost 2 miles from my house, so that was a good warm-up.  I started to get excited when I saw other people in their race gear, with their bibs already pinned to their shirts.  I waited to pin mine until I got there, since I had to walk through downtown (on the flip side, I totally FORGOT I was still wearing my bib on the walk home).  I stood around nervously & awkwardly for a while (because that is my standard M.O.) and snapped a picture for my 30 Day Challenge.


And then the race started!  There were huuuge pyrotechnic torches that exploded flames into the air, but I'd already put my camera away for the race, so I missed out on the opportunity to snap a pic of those.  I put my headphones in and as soon as I crossed the start line, I started my Nike+ app on my iPod and I was off.  The road we started on was really uneven, due to some roadwork.  So I was focusing really hard on not tripping and also not running over/being run over by other runners.  It took a while for the congestion to ease up and I was pushing myself pretty hard.  The only mile marker I remember seeing was one for the first half mile.  After that, either I was oblivious or there weren't any.  So I wasn't really sure how I was doing and I didn't want to look at my Nike+ app because I wanted to conquer my lazy mentality.  

I definitely started slacking in the middle, but then suddenly I was to the Stone Arch Bridge and I knew all I had left to do was cross the bridge and make the final sprint to the finish line.  So I gave it EVERYTHING I had and pushed myself so hard.  I was passing people left & right.  I was breathing really hard & pumping my arms and legs.  

And then there was the finish line!  And there was a big laser light show going on around it!  And I really dug in and sprinted to the finish!  And I crossed it!  And turned off my Nike+ app!  And promptly felt like puking!  I did not, in fact, vomit.  But I took that as a sign that I had pushed myself to my limit.  I've never felt so physically ill after running a race before. But then the runner's high kicked in and I pretty much floated down to the water buckets & the food line.  And then I remembered to grab another photo for my 30 Day Challenge.

A Smile
Torchlight 5k 2011
And guess what y'all.  I finished in 28 minutes, 54 seconds!  That's a solid minute & 6 seconds UNDER my goal and a good 2 minutes, 16 seconds under my previous best.  I felt amazing!  I pushed myself and I did it!  It was a great feeling!  I wandered over to the afterparty where I got my beer wristband and choked down enjoyed 2 cups of MGD 64 before wandering back home to shower.

I was a hot & sweaty mess, but I was incredibly proud of myself.  The next race on my agenda is going to be a half marathon in October.  I haven't made any goals for that aside from actually finishing, but next summer I plan to beat this year's time on my 5k!


  1. Congrats on beating your personal best AND your goal! SO AWESOME!
    I was reading as fast as I could to see if you did it! (I knew you would.)

    Congrats congrats!

  2. This is totally rad. I swear, I will start running again.