Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Working Girl

I've been flying the last three days, so I've been a bit busy.  But last night I happened to get a long, lovely Madison layover and my boyfriend's sister was kind enough to come out with me & my crew!  We had a lovely time at a place called The Old Fashioned where I had the exact kind of cheeseburger I've been craving for months, tasty tasty French fries, some fantastic dark beer and some amazing cheese curds!  My stomach wasn't terribly pleased w/ all the grease this morning, but I still managed to get in a 5 mile run AND a Starbucks run!  I'm still working on catching up on my 30 Day Photo Challenge, but I am still not giving up, so good for me!  I've also got a post about rompers in the mix for you.  For now, here are days 12 & 13!

Close Up
This is the latch on one of my beverage carts.  Sometimes I try to be a bit artsy-like.

From a Distance
It's kind of hard to tell in the small-size photo, but that is Air Force One.  President Obama happened to be in Minneapolis the other day and I happened to be hanging out at a gate with a good view of it.  This is actually the 4th time I've seen Air Force One since Obama became president.  I joke that he's stalking me.  Really, Barack, it's just getting sad now.