Friday, August 12, 2011


I am not giving up!  I just keep getting behind.  The idea was obviously to update every day with a new photo, but clearly that's not been happening.  Some of them have been done out of order, but that's okay.  The only rule in this for me is to complete each prompt!  And I'm doing that!

I've been busy busy busy packing up my apartment for my impending move.  I discovered these gems in a box.  Two of the floppies bear the title "Sarah's Bday Pics '97" so that gives you an approximate time stamp.  I'm considering searching out an A-drive just to find out what's on my super secret private disk!

Faceless Self Portrait
I worked on this one in my hotel room in Anchorage, Alaska last week.

Something I Made
Another moving find.  This was a copy of a drawing, but I was still very proud of myself for actually getting the shading right and for making it look like a foot.  And yes, I was proud of it enough to put it in a frame.  It used to hang in my old bathroom.

Something Fun
Dance party in my living room, in my mess of things to be packed and things to be donated.  See that stack of books?  Those are all to be donated.  I cannot believe I"m giving up so many books.  I usually cling to them.  But for the most part, those are all books I've picked up on airplanes or in inflight or they've been passed on to me by other flight attendants.  Most of them are pretty trashy reads, nothing I plan to re-read.  So it's time they find new homes! 

Today's photo prompt is "close-up" so we'll see what I can rustle up for that.  In the meantime, it's time to refill my iced coffee and get to packing up the remaining books, then clean my bathroom and sort through my entryway cupboard.  I've been super productive which means I generally means I haven't been getting dressed.  Yesterday I never even put on a bra.  The only reason I'm wearing a bra & pants today is because I took out all of yesterday's trash.

Also, you should watch this video because I've been listening to this song on repeat for the last week.  The video is kind of sick & twisted, but I love Love LOVE the song.


  1. Ooh gurl, I will definitely take some of those books off of your hands tomorrow. Trashy is what I'm into until the weather turns cold.

  2. You get first pick, lady! I'll leave them out on the table so you can peruse them, then I'll bag 'em up! You can go through the clothes & shoes too, if you want!

  3. I always have a hard time trying to get rid of books...usually if it's just a romance novel or something like that I'll donate it.

    Lindsey Soup

  4. your a great artist! follow me

  5. I need to do a photo promt list thing! this looks like fun!
    And that face-less self portrait looks cool! :)

    Notes She Wrote

  6. I envy that you are able to get rid of those books. I just bought a bunch of new bookcases...and I haven't bought books in awhile. I just can't part with the oldies but goodies!