Sunday, August 7, 2011

Headed up North...WAY up North!

I'm still playing catch-up with this 30 Day Photo Challenge.  It's been harder than I thought it would be, and I keep getting frustrated with myself.  This whole thing was supposed to be an exercise in creativity for me but it just keeps throwing in my face how uncreative I am.  I don't feel like I have an "eye" for these sorts of things.  I look at my photos and I feel so underwhelmed.  It's the same feeling I've had any time I attempt something creative.  I'm very, very tempted to just give up.  But I'm going to persevere & keep throwing up these photos until I start liking what I see.  Or until the end of the month.

Favorite color:
This is my vanity, which I painted a glossy bright pink.  I've been getting frustrated with my camera during this project too, because it doesn't do a very good job of capturing colors accurately and all my images just look flat.

Someone I love:

This is Stella, my baby cat.  She has improved the quality of my life beyond words.

Childhood memory:

This is my big teddy bear.  I got him on my 5th birthday and he's been a cherished companion ever since.  He sits at the end of my bed.

Something new:

This one doubles as an outfit post!  I took this on my walk to a friend's BBQ.  I had that look on my face because I can never seem to get the bus situation right to get to her house.  I'd missed one bus, walked to the next, then got on the wrong bus and got off and had to walk like 8 blocks out of my way.  Luckily I was wearing my GUESS wedges which are ridiculously comfortable, despite adding a good three or four inches to my height.  I was toting a dozen cupcakes in the red bag and a batch of Margarita ice cream in the black lunchbag.  Both desserts contained liberal amounts of tequila, which is ALWAYS a good thing, in my book.  The new item in this picture is the tank top, by the way.

Bonus picture of boozy cupcakes:

I didn't take this picture though.

And now that I've got this post up and out of the way, I can finish getting ready for my trip.  I'm headed up to Anchorage, Alaska tonight!  I don't know any of the other people on my crew, but I'm sure it'll be fun.  I'm committing myself to working out on this trip, as I really need to get back on the horse if I'm still going to run that half-marathon in October.  And I really want to do that!


  1. She really is! Hopefully you'll get to meet her tomorrow!

  2. Love your kitty! Oh! I still have my teddy bear too! It's a "pot belly bear" like this one:

    Sorry this photo project is so frustrating for you. Don't get discouraged about not being creative. I think you're just really busy and to get a super artistic shot takes perfect lighting, staging and time. It's still fun to see your pics!