Monday, September 12, 2011

In Which I Wear Things Again

So, contrary to blog evidence of the past month, I do still put on clothes & leave my apartment.  Though, in all fairness, now that I'm living alone again, I take EVERY opportunity to do things in my underwear.

I honestly don't know if any of the pieces in this outfit actually "match" but I felt like they went together so well.  And also, I love this t-shirt.  It's from Threadless and I get stopped so often by people who have seen the design on the site and are excited to see it "in the wild" which is fun.

 I've mentioned before that I'm a big old nerd for Doctor Who, and y'all know how much I love owls, so put the two together and you have one happy lady!  Below, I'm pointing out my own personal favorite Doctor, as portrayed by David Tennant, in owl form.

Pardon the greasy-looking face.  It's been pretty dang warm in my apartment lately b/c I've been a cookie-baking factory.  

Stella wanted to be on my blog, and really, how could I say no?  

My hair is getting ridiculously long.  The last time it was this long was when I was in high school.  It needs a cut badly b/c it's all pretty much one length.  I've been going to the Aveda Institute for all my hair cutting needs since I moved up to Minneapolis, but the students tend to be a little risk-averse.  And I can understand that, because they are getting evaluated based on how my hair looks when I walk out.  So this last time, I asked the girl to take it all up 3 inches, and she kind of freaked at how much 3 inches was and I think she forgot to take up the layers.  A flight attendant friend of mine gave me a referral card for her stylist, so I think I'm going to go see him, pay the big $$ and let him give me an actual style again.  And then I'll go back to being cheap and getting my trims at the Institute.

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  1. StellllllllaaaaaaaahhhhhH!

    Threadless tees are awesome!