Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Amazing Adventures of Crazy Cat Lady

So the kitchen continues to be my best lighting situation in this apartment.  I love the bookcases-as-wall in the main room, but combined with a large-ish tree outside my window, there is not a whole lot of light in the front half.  So while I had originally wanted to use my bookcases as my backdrop, it would seem y'all will be seeing a LOT of my awesome (and clean!) kitchen.

Floral cardigan - H&M; Black tank top & skinny jeans - Target; Gray Madden Girl Boots - Peebles

Also.  Posing?  I'm not good at it.  I feel silly.  You can ask April.  When she offered to take my outfit photo for me at Ikea, I immediately got awkward.  And then groped a closet unit.  So I've just decided to embrace my weirdness.  Hence the Wonder Woman pose up there.  And the "just casually tossing my hair" pose below:

I like that photo because it almost looks like I have a real butt!  The other night while I was sitting at the airport, waiting to see if I'd fly, I watched Aisha Tyler's Comedy Central special and it started with the following music video:

nowassitall - watch more funny videos      

It made my giggle.

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