Sunday, October 2, 2011


Well.  I didn't intend to not post for so long, but it happened.  What's been going on?  Not too much.  The biggest disruption was a 6-day trip to Japan & Guam.  I didn't bother to take any pictures of anything I wore on my layovers because it was really boring t-shirts & jeans.  I did, however, turn my cardigan into a skirt to wear down to the pool because I had forgotten to put a skirt in my suitcase.  I forgot to take a picture though, so you'll just have to use your imaginations on that.

Then I came home from that trip and I didn't really leave the house much for the next two days.  My poor kitten was a bit traumatized by being left alone for such a long time, so she's been very cuddly.  Other than a few quick trips to Target and a 12-mile run, I've been hanging out in leggings and my boyfriend's Navy hoodie.  Not exactly sartorial triumphs, those two pieces.  But, today I put on an outfit and tomorrow I have a project in mind.   So, I apologize for the long absence, and here's to posting regularly again!

Sweater - New York & Company; Owl tshirt - Threadless; Pants - The Gap; Turquoise wedges - Target

I can't decide if I like these pants or not.  To be honest, I can't decide if I like pants in general.  For whatever reason, anytime I wear non-denim pants, I feel very manly.  And it doesn't matter if I pair them with cute tops or sexy shoes.  I still feel like a dude.  But not so much in jeans.  As an experiment, I'd like to try wearing these pants more to see if I get used to them.

This sweater is one that I've been holding onto through my many closet purges.  It's a large and the fit is pretty baggy on me.  It has cute little jeweled buttons and I love the color, but I think it might be time to put this in the discard pile because the fit just isn't right.

This photo is from December 2009, at my highest weight of 195ish.  I am fascinated by the way my arm looks in this photo and the way my arm looks in the above photo.  I think part of the reason I keep holding onto this sweater is because of that difference.  Well, that and I really do love the color.

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