Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Lower Half

So.  I finally got around to cataloging my entire wardrobe.  I'm going to break this down over a few posts because it is kind of image-overload.  I have to laugh, though, in that I posed in pretty much the exact same way in every photo.  Guess that would make it convenient if you wanted to make a Sarah Paper Doll!

So I'm going to start with bottoms!  First up are all my skirts.

This is one of my newer skirts, from Ann Taylor.  The material is a really soft sweatpant-like material.  I love that it has pockets and the little ribbon bow on the front helps make it feel a little dressier.  As will be a constant refrain in this post, I probably could have gone down a size.  But every time I think about doing that, I worry that I'm being greedy with this weight loss business and that I shouldn't go down a size, just in case.  I feel like that's a really dumb way to think about it.

This Gap skirt gets a lot of play on the blog.  I love the pattern and the ruffles and the color.  It's very versatile and feminine.

This Old Navy skirt is my latest acquisition.  I picked it up for $4 on sale.  I can't pass up a good sale.  I feel like it might be versatile.  I love the pockets!

Another Old Navy bargain!  And again with the pockets!  The bright color is a lot of fun too.  I've gotten quite a bit of wear out of this one.  Definitely worth the $6 I paid for it!

I found this sequin number at Forever 21 on sale for $7.  I like it a lot, but I feel like it is too flashy for daytime wear.  I wish it were in a lighter color.  I feel like lighter-colored sequins are "okay" for daytime.  But still.  For $7, it's a great Going Out skirt.

I was following the crowd on this one.  It seemed like for a while, EVERY style blogger had one of these Mossimo lace skirts.  I waited until I found one on the sale rack.  I like the color, but I hate the waistband.  The elastic is really narrow & I feel like it digs into my chubs on my hips.  So I generally just don't tuck things into it.

I ordered this one online from Tulle, where it was on sale for months and months, but is not apparently available anymore.  It's another one made of sweatpant-like material, but a lot thicker than the Ann Taylor one.  It took me a while to get into the paper-bag waist and into tucking things in, in general.  I don't wear this one as often as some of the others.

I have actually never worn this one.  It's a leather skirt and my cousin gave it to me.  I feel like it is a shade too big and I just can't seem to find a way to style it that doesn't make me feel like Kelly Bundy.  Any ideas?

I bought this back in July and I've yet to feature it on the blog.  This is another skirt where I should have bought a smaller size.  I actually picked this one up for $10 the same day as the Ann Taylor skirt.  I also feel like this needs a belt of some sort, but as I'll address in a later post, I own exactly 2 belts, and neither of them would go with this.

We're getting into pants now!  These have been on the blog before.  They're from Gap and they were $9.  I feel like I'm posing super awkwardly here, but I wanted to show the tuxedo stripe that goes down the side of these pants.  These are a size 6 and you'll see the post below the same style in a size 4, which I think fits me better.

What can I say?  Even though I know it is total vanity sizing, I like being a size 4.  I've talked about these pants before, so I don't think I need to say much more about them.  They're pants.  They're a tiny size.  I don't know how to wear pants and not feel like a dude.

My Mossimo skinny jeans from Target.  Hoo buddy, these were fresh from the dryer and they were TIGHT. One of the few instances on this post where I'm thinking I should have gone UP a size, but once I wear them for a few hours, they stretch out quite comfortably in the waist.  The legs remain ridiculously snug no matter how much I wear them.

My Joe's jeans.  These are ridiculously comfy, even right out of the dryer.  I'd love to get a pair of non-distressed Joe's jeans and I might just do that with some birthday money from my momma.  We'll see.

And lastly, I added these more as a joke than anything else.  These are the leggings I pretty much live in when I bum around the apartment.  And I got a big kick out of how well they illustrate my complete lack of ass.  For anyone who wanted to give me the benefit of the doubt, there's the proof.  I have no ass.

So those are all of my bottoms!  As far as gaps go, I think this part of my wardrobe is pretty solid.  It would be nice to get a pair of nice, non-skinny, non-distressed dark denim and I would LOVE to get a pair of bright colored jeans.  It would be nice to work some patterns into the skirts, but the problem with that would be my tops.  So next up will be my tops, then all of cardis & jackets!

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