Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Best Laid Plans

So I had big plans to get up early today, go for a run, take a shower and do my laundry so that I could go through & catalog the rest of my closet.  But a flight attendant friend of mine wanted me to have lunch with him and his friend today.  And when it comes to flight attendant friends, it's so rare that we are in the same city at the same time, that I generally drop anything that's not too terribly important to spend time with them.  Add to that my sleep schedule still being slightly skewed by my trip to Japan, and I didn't get anything accomplished.  But I sure looked cute at lunch!

Purple sweater - New York & Company; Peach tank - Gap; Mossimo skinny jeans - Target; Brown MIA Pali boots - 6pm.com

Again with the pieces that are just a wee bit too big for me.  As I'm sure you know, Gap is a HUGE proponent of the vanity sizing.  Those dress slacks from the other day?  Size 4.  Now, I've lost a lot of weight.  But a size 4 I am not.  The tank is a medium.  Under most normal circumstances, a medium should be a very nice fit for me.  But the tank has elastic straps that are about an inch too long and it could all come in on the sides.  I keep telling myself that I'll fix the straps, but I might have mentioned before that I'm lazy.  Luckily, a cardigan generally keeps the straps up on my shoulders where they belong.  I really loved the color combination of peach & purple.  And I am definitely still loving these boots!  I wore them to walk all over the mall and Ikea today and my feet were happy as can be!  A successful online order for sure!

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